First Star Wars Standalone Called Rogue One, Ep. VIII Release Date Revealed

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This won't have anything to do with Rogue Squadron?

If I was in my teens at the height of my interest with Star Wars, I'd have had an aneurysm from the nerd rage and missed opportunity.

*Crosses fingers* Please be an adaptation of the Rogue Squadron books.

I can almost guarantee it won't be. Because that would be too good.

OT: I swear to god, if Wedge Antilles doesn't show up, I'll.. I'll... I don't know. Cry, probably. All I want is a Star Wars film, during the Galactic Civil war, following an X-Wing squadron (preferably Red/Rogue squadron), akin to Red Tails, Battle of Britain, etc. I can say with almost complete certainty I won't get the film I'm looking for. If Rogue One does turn out to be like that....


Do you think the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing will survive the EU purge? I really hope so. It'd be nice to see competent opposition to the rebel pilots.

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