Release Day Deals: Battlefield Hardline $10 Off for PC

Release Day Deals: Battlefield Hardline $10 Off for PC


The year is drawing to a close, and so are the PC game Winter/Year-End sales.

The super-hot offers that lead Winter Sales from Steam and other digital retailer are now essentially non-existent. Nevertheless, if you've found yourself flush with Christmas cash from Grandma, there are still a ton of deals left to pick up on the cheap for PC.

Arguably the best in the bunch is Origin's 33% discount on Dragon Age Inquisition. Not only is it the lowest price ever for the digital download, but itfs also an extremely rare discount to come straight from the publisher's store. The same 33% discount is also available on the Digital Deluxe version, which includes a few extra aesthetically pleasing goodies like a Skyhold Throne in your home base.

Offers from Steam, Green Man Gaming, GamersGate, GameStop, and Origin are still going strong. Below we've listed our top picks from each sale, along with the best of the rest for each.

Top Picks

Best Of The Rest


Origin Year End Sale

Sale runs through January 6th.


GMG Green Grogre Holiday Sale

Sale runs through January 2nd at 11am Eastern.



Steam 2014 Holiday Sale

Sale runs through January 2nd at 1pm Eastern.


GameStop PC Digital Winter Sale

Runs through January 3rd. USA only.


GamersGate End of the Year Sale

Sale runs through January 12th.

The weekly "Big Deals on the Internet" is brought to you by the crew from Dealzon. Want to save money on game deals? Check in every Tuesday at 5:30PM Eastern for the latest deals. Feedback? Let us know in the comments!


Uh, guys?

I think you posted the Christmas sales list by accident :X

Sigmund Av Volsung:
Uh, guys?

I think you posted the Christmas sales list by accident :X

Nah mate, it's time travel.

Where's 'hardline' on that list?

Check out all those awesome deals ... that you missed.

Oh, Hardline. Isn't it great that, in a time where police officers in America are under so much scrutiny, that EA releases a game that portrays it's main lead as a trigger-happy idiot?
Also, the game looks to be the greatest ripoff of SWAT 4 ever conceived.

I would suggest that anyone reading this (if it is not corrected by time of reading) should use the contact option found at the bottom of the page (category corrections makes the most sense), and report the current issue.

my submission was as such (treating this as open letter format)

deal of the week articles for the last 3 weeks have either included some deals that have already expired by time of posting, in case of the one posted today is from a previous month, or things mentioned in the title of the article are nowhere to be seen.

The Escapist staff is probably still hungover from yesterday's festivities. They may not notice this for awhile.

Yes, run a big content based site and be able to post the wrong article and have it stay that way for over a day. Quality, such quality.


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