Documentary Shows Incredible Skills of Handless Gamer

Documentary Shows Incredible Skills of Handless Gamer

MacsHG's words to live by: "No Excuses."

If you're a League of Legends fan, you might know Massimiliano Sechi as the Handless Gamer or MacsHG, but even if League isn't your thing you need to watch this mini-documentary about the Sardinian native. Sechi has not only reached Diamond rank in League, but he's done so by playing with his foot. That's right, his foot.

The mini-documentary by Razer highlights Sechi's incredible talent alongside his infectious philosophy about life: No Excuses. Sechi, who was born without hands, uses Razer's technology to customize gameplay to work for him, not the other way around. Sechi began working with Razer after the company discovered his unique usage of their technology, which currently includes their Orbweaver and Nostromo products. Outside of League of Legends, Sechi's gaming interests also include Diablo, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft.

Sechi states that his goal is to "prove that it's possible to play games without hands and reach a high skill level", but it's easy to see how Sechi's thoughts on gaming translate to life off-screen. Beyond overcoming physical obstacles, Sechi also credits gaming for his fluency in English, which he taught himself by browsing the forums of his favorite games. After watching this, I believe it's about time we all apply a little of Sechi's No Excuses philosophy to our lives.

Source: Polygon


And... Now I feel like a baddie, even if I don't generally bother with ranked...

This is really impressive, but I can't help thinking one thing: somewhere around 70-90% of League players (those who play ranked) are worse than a man without hands. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure this guy is exceptional at the game, but at face value the phrase "handless gamer makes diamond rank" is both hilarious, and and damning anecdotal evidence about the abilities of the people we get stuck with in solo queue.

And the people i get stuck with have brain ooze leaking out of their ears lol. D:

I'm proud of this person.

Captcha was "Grumpy Cat"

I feel special, and not at the same time. Awesome! I guess.

Knew a guy once with one hand who worked arcade machines. Worked directional with his stump and the hand on the buttons. He kicked ass.


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