Avengers Assemble in This Rad Apartment

Avengers Assemble in This Rad Apartment

Ideally located close to your neighborhood Shawarma restaurant.

Thanks to Singaporean-based Absolook Interior Design, your dreams of joining The Avengers could be even closer than you think. Sleek, modern, and just kitschy enough to work, this Avengers-themed apartment feels like a dream come true for any fan looking to assemble friends in the coolest apartment around.

Bask in the glory that is the raddest apartment ever.

If you were the proud owner of this apartment,you'd be able to spend every morning experimenting in the kitchen with Bruce Banner's other half, catch up on Agent Carter in the living room with the whole team, and kick back in the Iron Man-themed bedroom like a true billionaire at day's end.

I'm already itching to see the rest of this apartment, including any Hawkeye and Black Widow themed rooms. For now, though, we'll just have to tide ourselves over with the absolutely awesome images provided.

Any thoughts on who's featured in the bathroom?

Source: The Mary Sue


Taking a righteous dump with Captain America!

Taking a righteous dump with Captain America!

*Pinches out a feisty bastard*


That eagle is a symbol of the avengers? It reminds me of the stylized German eagle on the €uro, although the head's turned the other way.


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