Artists Add Original Monsters to Thrift Store Art

Artists Add Original Monsters to Thrift Store Art

Shut Up and Take My Money!

Chris McMahon and Thyrza Segal are among the ranks of artists discovering gold in thrift stores. These two artists are taking the unloved art available at thrift stores and creating masterpieces by adding their original concept monsters to the forgotten scenes.

McMahon and Segal both match their paints of choice to each specific painting, ensuring a seamless transition from uninspired to incredible. This talent of matching creative vision with the original art's raw materials gives the new creations a sense of nostalgia. There's something sweet about these monsters, especially McMahon's fuzzy yeti-narwhal and Segal's fish/frog family engaging in some possible cannibalism out on a fishing trip of their own.

Check below to see a few examples of McMahon's art and head to his DeviantArt page for more.

See some of Segal's artwork below, including pieces from her "Aliens on Vacation" series, and check her Google+ page for more.

Monsters invading thrift store art not enough for you? Indulge in the awesome creations of Dave Pollot, who also uses thrift store art as a base for beloved video game characters and geek culture icons.

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NARWHALS NARWHALS walking on the tundra, creating a disruption, because they're so wondrous. NARWHALS NARWHALS

Giant pink flesh monster, at this point the de facto big ugly in almost every third person videogame ever, commonly used as a minion or a guardian for some necromancer or other.

I didn't want to sleep tonight anyways.

Oooh, I think my favorite from this patch as the sea serpent in the lake, I would love to have that framed and hanging on my wall. :D

I like this person's work, they got some talent.

Thanks so much for posting about my work (and Chris's too). If you want to see more of my stuff, I have a before/after web album here:


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