GameStop to Start Selling Retro Games at Select Locations Next Week

GameStop to Start Selling Retro Games at Select Locations Next Week

GameStop will start selling and accepting trade-ins for used retro games at 250 stores in NYC and Birmingham beginning April 25th.

Update: This story has been updated from its original version to correct a minor inaccuracy. Our apologies for any confusion that resulted from the initial error.

For a long time now, GameStop has restricted its used game sales to titles that were at least relatively recent. Mind you, it wasn't that the company didn't have any older titles in stock, it's just that it wasn't all that interested in using up shelf space to sell them. Back in 2012 however, GameStop CEO Paul Raines indicated that the retail chain might soon be poised to establish itself as purveyor of retro game products. Now, after nearly three years, the company is finally moving forward with plans to launch a retro games pilot program that will come to stores in select locations later this week.

According to GameStop representatives, the company, starting on April 25th, will begin selling retro consoles, games and accessories in New York City and Birmingham, Alabama. The included stores will also start accepting retro products for trade-ins. Customers interested in taking advantage of that will be able to bring in their systems, games and accessories for the NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis, PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast. The new stock should increase the number of games sold by the retailer by "about 5000." GameStop affirmed that its retro consoles should "have the same warranty as current used and refurbished consoles." About 250 stores will be included in the launch and in-store purchases will be limited to the retailer's web-in-store system. Online purchases will also be eligible for ship-to-store options.

Speaking as someone with something of a running interest in retro gaming, I couldn't be more thrilled that this is finally moving forward. I'm a guy who likes browsing through game stores. I enjoy going through bargain bins and finding unexpected and interesting gems. The thing is, when it comes to retro games, the options for that can be prohibitively limited. If I want to buy a SNES cartridge, it's basically eBay or bust. It's my hope, in turn, that GameStop's trial run of this program will be a success. Granted, it's not like GameStop will be lining its shelves with old games, but it will still provide people like me with another source for retro shopping.

Source: IGN


This doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I'm surprised they didn't go into this YEARS ago.

1. Where is support for re-selling Sega Saturn games & expansion cartridges? Or 3DO, Turbografx16 Hu cards & CDs, Neo Geo systems? Just a nitpick.
2. This seems like a desperate expansion of stock to stay relevant in modern, internet driven markets to invite the retro collectors. Though in most cases this is a little to late for this.

When I first heard of this, I was getting scared for the mom and pop second hand shops that might be hurt by Gamestop's attempt at its (digital sales and Amazon induced) declining revenue. But, it seems to sound slightly better than I thought. The IGN article says the items will only be available online (with a ship to store option). That puts them more against the online retro sellers. Who knows if they'll advertise very much in stores about specific games they have in stock. And, their always lovely trade-in values (and possibly their selling prices) might shy a few people away from Gamestop and send them to the second hand shop down the street.

The good thing about this, if they really pay attention to broken or worn components, is the refurbishing and warranty service. If their repair department replaces cart slots, cleans oxidized contacts, blasts out dust and cat hair from the 80s, and checks ever capacitor for signs of leakage (or bulging), it could be worth a slight premium over the price of another store that just tests systems (and maybe wipes off nasty stuff), then puts them on the shelf with a price tag. But, I've heard good and bad things about GS's refurbishing centers and their work.

I still wonder if they will really get many trade ins or if demand for physical retro stuff is as high as they think. At least they are testing it out and aren't wasting money on a nationwide project that could end up with shelves of unsold Mario Party carts.

This doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I'm surprised they didn't go into this YEARS ago.

Didn't they used to? I still have a copy of Resident Evil 2 for the 64 I bought from a Gamestop probably...2006? Maybe 05?
Yeah, they used to sell a punch of different console games, miniatures, card games, etc... and people just kinda' hung around and talked.
They were less awkward stores you don't go to unless its absolutely necessary(and even then Amazon amirite?), and more hang-outs.

Will I be able to get Vectrex games on Gamespot?, if not, then meh.

The very first time I walked into a GameStop sometime around 2002, they sold plenty of retro titles (and horribly-scratched 7th-gen titles). One day they all just vanished, only to return later via their Power-Up Rewards scam, where if you sink a several hundred dollars on overpriced used games, you could earn yourself a single copy of Duck Hunt or some shit like that.

My area has a small chain that specializes in retro games, consoles, accessories, and repairs. I'm a wee bit concerned this may hurt them if GameStop is going to dip it's toe back into waters they've long ago considered too cold.

This has nothing to do with "helping the community" and is simply a money grab by Gamestop as some Exec has gone on ebay and realized people will happily pay stupid prices for retro games. All they will do is rush out the stock they have sitting in a warehouse, inflate the price by 300% and wait for idiots to buy it.

And the worst part is i don't blame Gamestop, i blame the idiots who will pay these prices.

Well, unless I can get a Dreamcast for $50 bucks or less, Microplay still has them beat.

This doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I'm surprised they didn't go into this YEARS ago.

Well, they're about to bump into the same problems they're having with new releases, those problems being named Ebay and Amazon.

Whatever second hand stock they can get, those two will have it cheaper and globally available. I can't see any Gamestop getting a Gamecube copy of Twilight Princess or a fully boxed Lylat Wars in store, just racks and racks of Banjo Tooie and Rogue Squadron 3.

Gamestop starts selling retro games.
Just slaps a big "RETRO" sticker on the front of all their unsold PS2 games.
Doubles the price.
You know that's what will happen.

A desperate move from a company struggling to maintain relevancy in the 8 months of the year that don't include CoD, Madden and Assassin's Creed releases.

As a former employee, I hope they crash and burn.

I do sympathize with the GAs and SGAs who will undoubtedly have to label, stock and find shelf space to accomodate the boxless cartridges and discs of irrelevant games of yesteryear.

EDIT: You just know the majority is going to be shitty sports titles and unsellable licensed shoveware.

This doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I'm surprised they didn't go into this YEARS ago.

They did. Before the EBGames/Gamestop merger, and a short time after, Gamestop used to carry old NES, SNES, Gameboy, Genesis and PS1 games. You'd have to ask someone for them since most were behind the counter, And they had a good stock too in some cases - The only one near me at the time had 8-10 copies of SNES Final Fantasy VI available for ~$15 back when I bought mine in 2007.

With the retro game market prices spiraling upwards, they're regretting the decision to no longer accept and carry these games, and deciding to revert that previous decision.


This doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I'm surprised they didn't go into this YEARS ago.

Didn't they used to? I still have a copy of Resident Evil 2 for the 64 I bought from a Gamestop probably...2006? Maybe 05?

The bargin bin contained all sorts of wonders in those days.

Sadly those days are long gone.

Lots of negativity here. I am no fan of Gamestop but retro prices have become ridiculous in my local shops, maybe (just maybe) Gamestop will act as healthy competition.

I have ordered my share of SNES games online and many of them didn't work very well, even after cleaning the contacts. So much easier to return a broken game to a local shop.

Well this is cool I guess but its been so long since they made that stupid decision to stop selling them that everything is now cheaper digitally somewhere on Stream or virtual console stores and everyones figured out that you can easily make more money selling your rare stuff online. Sorry Game Stop. You're still pretty irrelevant unless it's the holidays.

They don't already?
My local gamestore has been doing that forever. I can still go there and get snes or gba games.

Kinda bummed, honestly, yeah, it's great that retro games will be more available, but retro games are also one of the only things the little mom and pop game store in my little town had over gamestop. they'll have a harder time of things if this becomes a widespread thing.

so it's a polarizing issue for me. XD

Depends what they mean by retro. Guessing no C64 or spectrum titles. lol. "Retro" is just a way to sell old stuff for more money. I really wish a site like gog was given all the old games to sell. Some C64 games i would love to play again. Some PS games like Vandal Hearts 1 and 2 and Front Mission 3 I would like to replay.....though on my laptop. :-)

An of course as soon as GS is mentioned the hate train gets going. I have been building my retro library for years and it has been a consistent pain in the ass. 3/5 of my recent Amazon retro purchases have been all headache with no payoff at the end, I have never had a 100% good experience on Ebay, and the nearest "ma & pa" game shop is three hours round trip has a minuscule selection and is operated by a mincing asshole who I would rather not deal with. So all things considered I hope this program goes well, and I hope GS expands it to my area eventualy

This doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I'm surprised they didn't go into this YEARS ago.

They DID go into it years ago. Then they stopped.

Feh... it's little matter to me anyway. I'm still boycotting the company because of their shitty behind the curtains business practices; to the point that I'm about ready to drop Nintendo like a bad habit.

Well this'll be interesting if I can get my hands on some classics I missed out on.

Please don't support this. If you want to sell your used retro games, go to your local mom and pop game store. Same for purchasing retro games. This is Gamestop trying to eat into the profits of one of the few gaming sources they don't have a stranglehold on. since the move to digital is getting stronger.

Retro games will sell there for a penny or less.

I already have a place to get older systems, it's called Play N' Trade. Gamestop can go die in a fire for all I care.


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