Roy, Ryu Data Uncovered in Latest Smash Bros. 4 Update

Roy, Ryu Data Uncovered in Latest Smash Bros. 4 Update

Street Fighter IV - Ryu

Sound files for Fire Emblem's Roy and Street Fighter's Ryu have been uncovered in the latest Super Smash Bros. update.

Yesterday, an update went live for Super Smash Bros. 4 which finally delivered the game's first DLC character: Mewtwo, but may have inadvertently leaked some additional information to ambitious data miners. Reddit user Shinyquagsire has decrypted the data contained in the latest patch, and discovered a suite of sound files relating to Roy, of Fire Emblem fame, and Street Fighter's Ryu - suggesting that they will be the next DLC characters to follow Lucas.

Two of the Roy and Ryu sound files are in the exact same format as all of the other character's victory music, which you can check out here and here. Roy's victory music is the Fire Emblem main theme, and Ryu's is appropriately the Street Fighter theme. Additionally, there is a second Ryu sound file that seems to be related to a new Street Fighter-themed stage. Can't have a new franchise character without a stage to play him on, after all!

Roy was actually a Smash Bros. character back in the Super Smash Bros. Melee days, but was removed in Brawl and replace with Ike. Ryu, has, of course, never been in a Smash Bros. game before, but considering Nintendo's partnership with Capcom in bringing Megaman to the game, adding the iconic martial artist as a new character doesn't seem too big of a stretch.

While it's a bit early to say these characters are completely confirmed, keep in mind these are official game files being dug right from the guts of the 3DS version of the game, and added only in the most recent patch.

Source: reddit


oh no...

HADOUKEN spam, it's either gonna be under powered to hell and back, or it's going to be the next final destination + fox only character.

I do welcome roy to return though, not that I don't kick ass with ike, roy was always my favorite.

So more fire emblem characters? Great, don't have enough of those.

I guess they are getting the clones out of the way since they seem to be all coming back but I hope they plan on expanding some of the other franchises at some point.

Datamining has really taken out all the magic out of video games. XD

Kinda expected Roy would reappear (such as Mewtwo did).
Ryu is...pandering. Why not Ladd Spencer? He was another Capcom character that had a big roll on Nintendo systems...

I know what the next Awkward Zombie is going to be about.

C'mon Nintendo, let's get Simon Belmont on the roster already!

C'mon Nintendo, let's get Simon Belmont on the roster already!

I was just about to say... couldn't agree more! The Castlevania franchise has always seen a good deal of success on Nintendo, especially the first three titles and the Metroidvania games on the DS. Plus he'd be a perfect fit. Can't you just already see his move set? Up+B is Super Jump, Right+B for the boomerang-esque cross, and his Smash Attack could of course be the Holy Cross attack. Come on, Nintendo!

I'm not really interested in Roy. Smash Bros. has far too many Fire Emblem characters for my liking already. And Ryu? Isn't he in enough fighting games already? Couldn't we get like, I dunno, Zero (Mega Man Zero series) or Arthur from Ghouls 'n Goblins if we're going for another Capcom character?

If Nintendo is already scraping the bottom of the barrel, they might as well throw in Bayonetta or Travis Touchdown instead of clones.

Ryu is cool and all, but I was hoping for someone more... Interesting. To me the charm of Smash Bros. is the fact that the characters are a bit out of place in a fighting game.

Eh, one could make the Argument that Street Fighter 2 was a Huge part of the SNES (Though I'm sure it was also on Genesis), so one could argue that Ryu does fit into Smash Bros. However, if this is true, I kind of feel like someone else would be better then Ryu from Smash.

My younger brother played Roy all the time in Melee. I know a lot of people missed him (And Pichu and Mewtwo) in Brawl, so it's nice they're bringing him too (If this is true). Odds are he'll be the first guy we buy for Smash (Unless we do end up buying Mewtwo).

Welp, there goes my hopes of ever seeing Shantae in Smash Bros.

I know what the next Awkward Zombie is going to be about.

Ha ha! I love all their Smash comics

Datamining has really taken out all the magic out of video games. XD

Yea, pretty much. It's also hard to avoid spoilers like this too.

I remember a few months back when the "Binding Of Isaac Rebirth" Dev got pissed via reddit because people data mined the game for all the info and what not within a week. (Since he wanted the game too last a couple of years with it's secrets)

I hope they change up Roy's moveset or something. They probably won't but this will make three characters who share Marth's moves.

I have no problem with the inclusion of Fire Emblem characters, I'd just like to see a bit more variation is all. The series has pegasus knights, dragon knights, mages, heavy knights, cavaliers, lancers, manaketes (dragon people), and it seems like all we ever get in Super Smash are Lords. I know that the Lords are typically the main characters, but they can do more than just swing a sword in the same way as Marth.

At least use Soren or Merric instead and borrow some from Robin's moveset, replacing the sword with some more magicky looking attacks.

Please, no more Fire Emblem characters. Ryu, I'm cool with that. I love Street Fighter. I was voting for Simon Belmont though.

At first I got Roy confused with Dan (thinking both characters were from Street Fighter). Now that would have been an interesting character to add.

Really wish they hadn't plonked these files in with the patch if they are true, people will always mine this stuff for fun and find it, you gotta keep a tight lid on anything nowadays.

I'm surprised the Capcom character wasn't Leon...

Wooo Roy! Awesome!


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