Watch David Hasselhoff's Amazing Kung Fury Music Video

Watch David Hasselhoff's Amazing Kung Fury Music Video

There is no such thing as too much neon.

Actor, musician, and cultural icon David Hasselhoff has released a music video in support of his contribution to the Kung Fury soundtrack, "True Survivor." As the film pays homage to absurd and outrageous action movies of the 1980's, so too does True Survivor represent the most absurd of 1980's soundtrack music videos, as Hasselhoff is inserted into the world of the film.

There is a lot to love about this video as a child of the 80's, from the white Lamborghini to the pink neon, but nothing is greater than Hasselhoff. Say what you will about his talent, you cannot argue his commitment. He totally sells the song's utterly nonsense lyrics with every dramatic pose and determined stare. Were it not for that new Star Wars trailer, this would be the most amazing thing you saw today.

Kung Fury tells the story of a rogue ninja cop who quits the police force to fight the greatest Kung Fu master of all time, Adolph Hitler. Funded through a Kickstarter campaign early in 2014, the short film will premiere on YouTube May 28. Hasselhoff's "True Survivor" is available on Spotify and can be purchased on iTunes for $1.29.

Source: Kung Fury


When I watched the first trailer they released for this movie, it became dead set in my mind that it will be the prime movie on one of my beer and bad movie nights.

But this music video... I think I need to made a bit more of a grand gesture and maybe sacrifice a first born so the gods will allow me to watch such majestic cheese.

Was the video done by the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon: The Movie people?

The new star wars trailer can go jump, forget today, that was the most amazing thing I've seen this entire decade.

Oh synthwave, you never disappoint with your blasts of concentrated 80ness. And who better to work with synthwave than the Hoff, if there ever was a living relic of the 1980's it's that guy.

If anyone wants more of that delicious spam of synths and drum-machines, here's some examples:

Is it cheesy? Is it probably even more 80's than the 80's itself was? Yup. Is it amazeballs? Hell yes.

That music video was so 80s I think I need a Tardis to get back to present day. Holy hell.

That music video is beyond words! I mean, FUCK YA! The Hoff! The 80's! Shit man I would give anything to see this movie!

Instead of some shitty reboot, money needs to be thrown at a project like this! It may be a cheesy idea but it is one I would (and I know anybody from that era) would pay to see! Not only pay to see it but walk away with a smile and a sense of satisfaction only something like this can provide.

It's too bad they don't wave to us at the very end when they ride the dino!
Otherwise; perfect! Been waiting for Kung Fury for quite some time now!!!

Thinking here that there must be a way to tie hotline miami into this somewh.... Wait...Adolph Hitler?? I have missed something terribly important along the line.

I've never been more proud to have thrown a few dollars at a Kickstarter project.

This was actually incredibly entertaining. I wasn't expecting that. Great article!

Unexpectedly brilliant. Makes we wish that we could get some more nostalgia movies at my local theater - they show reruns of stuff from time to time, but rarely anything other than "the classics". It would be great to see some stupid fun 80s and 90s movies on the big screen (Wargames, anyone?).

This is beautiful. So much over the top packed into it, I feel I need to watch this over, and over, and over again.


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