Star Wars Themed Airplane is as Awesome as it Sounds

Star Wars Themed Airplane is as Awesome as it Sounds

Take to the skies with your old friend, R2-D2!

At long last, you could finally be flying with R2-D2! Japan's All Nippon Airways (ANA) has unveiled plans to theme one of their airlines after everyone's favorite astromech droid.

Yesterday, ANA announced that their newest airline, the 787-9 Dreamliner, will feature "Star Wars livery with the iconic R2-D2" as part of a five-year project to "connect Japan to the global market." Announced in tandem with the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the R2-D2 Jet is "the first time a Star Wars character will appear on the exterior of a commercial aircraft."

Five years is a long time, but don't worry! You'll have a chance to fly with R2 in Autumn 2015. ANA flies to locations across the globe including Europe and North America, but does it really matter where you're going as long as you have your trusty utility robot by your side?

Take a 360 degree look at the new R2-D2 Jet and start planning your seat assignment.

Source: USA Today, via ANA


What I want to know is if the plane will make any sort of R2 D2 sounds in or out??? If it does then that plane has becomae ALOT cooler!

While it looks cool the cynic in me made me translate the Airlines statement from marketing speak to English, "connect Japan to the global market[1] " is actually "connect All Nippon Airways to Disney's bank balance".

[1] Because Japanese businesses and manufacturers ain't connected to the global markets right?

that's a cool ANALivery. but a a nice ANALivery still doesn't make up for the fact of how tight and cramped it probably is in there.

Why aren't they basing it on Star Tours? They better put some wookiees or something on the flight. I'm not interested in flying on a Star Wars jet if all of the other passengers are human.


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