Dark Fantasy Avengers Assemble! Check Out This Superhero Fan Art

Dark Fantasy Avengers Assemble! Check Out This Superhero Fan Art

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Ever wondered what Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron would look like in a dark fantasy universe? Now you don't need to imagine.

This being The Escapist, I'd say many of our readers are fans of both superheroes like The Avengers and dark fantasy tales like The Witcher. Perhaps you've asked yourself the following: What would it look like combining the two genres? The answer, as it turns out, is pretty damn sweet - at least going from this fan art making the rounds online.

Created by Daniel "theDURRRRIAN" Kamarudin, these images take characters from the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film and redesigns them from a fantasy perspective. Captain America, for example, is an armored and robed warrior bearing his recognizable shield. Hawkeye is a masked archer with a magical bow that generates arrows. Black Widow looks like a pirate assassin who replaced her dual pistols with short swords. Iron Man, naturally, is the Sorcerer Supreme of this setting (at least until Doctor Strange arrives).

And Thor... okay, he doesn't look that different from a god of thunder, to be honest.

The gallery even introduces Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Ultron himself. Ultron has probably undergone the biggest changes here - since robotics aren't a big deal in dark fantasy, he appears to be constructed from a reanimated corpse. For all we know Vision is in the same boat, although his mask and armor prevent us from glimpsing details. Meanwhile, Quicksilver is a dashing rogue, while Scarlet Witch perfectly fits the bill of resident sorceress.

Sure, these won't be the Avengers we'll see in theaters within a week - but they're still impressive enough that it's fun imagining their adventures. Which one is your favorite?

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These are wondiferous creations. Amazing use of colour! I'm getting more of a Dark souls vibe than witcher though. Especially the Captain America one where he is slightly hunched over. That...my friend...is a dark souls cover pose.

I saw this yesterday and his artwork is incredible! I really loving the Gundam Build Fighter Try artwork aswell.

I imagine the artist pausing on Thor and going "oh, right..." as he realised all he had to do was grimdark him up a bit.

I love official Warhammer art and this feels very Warhammery. Awesome.

I see Hulk with beard and I approve.

Hawkeye's mask made me go mmmmmmmm. I'm enjoying the Hulk's barbarian berserker-esque feel.

Can... can someone actually do this series now? Like Marvel 1602 but as Dark Souls? If you're listening Marvel, I would buy the hell out of that.

Thor is the only one that looks almost the same :D


Sure, these won't be the Avengers we'll see in theaters within a week

I think you mean "we saw in theaters yesterday."

Oh, wait, I forgot -- you're not Swedish. Well, as we say, "det suger att vara du." *gives a smug, European laugh*

The Black Widow looks like looks like she comes right out of Prince of Persia or Assassins Creed.

I'm defiantly impressed... and now I wanna see a comic book based on this concept...

Great art. This Hulk looks kind of like The Maestro, his evil alternate future version from the comics.

Also, at first I thought Hawkeye had one of those plague doctor masks on, then I realized it's actually a hawk.

Shit dude, I could see every single one of these attacking me as a red phantom in a Souls game. Simply incredible.

Fucking Black Widow and Thor look like total bad asses. Everyone else looked pretty beast as well. Kudos to the illustrator, he/she has got some skills.

Best Hawkeye I've seen. Then again I don't care for looking at the comic book original or movie version.

Loving the hawkeye picture. I wonder why Captain America's shield stays the same? No jagged edges or 9-pointed star? Or is the Cap so adorably set in his ways that a complete fantasy reboot of him has him coming out practically the same way?

Also Ultron reminds me of that fellow, the Tower, from Shadow of Mordor


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