Pint-Sized Cosplayer Takes on Netflix's Daredevil

Pint-Sized Cosplayer Takes on Netflix's Daredevil

Three-year-old Parker Nettles recently geared up to take on the role of Matt Murdock in a cosplay session photographed by his father.

On the off chance that you haven't heard, Netflix's superhero series Daredevil is pretty danged great. Filled to the brim with solid writing, interesting characters and some of the best fight scenes we've recently seen on television, it was a hit with critics and fans alike. It wasn't much of a surprise, in turn, when Netflix announced yesterday that the saga of Marvel's blind vigilante will be continuing in a second season slated to release sometime next year. The big question, of course, is how fans of the Man of Without Fear are supposed to occupy themselves until the series continuation arrives. If you're John Nettles, you might spend a bit of time transforming your son into the most adorable vigilante in the history of superheroes.

A professional photographer and obvious Daredevil fan, Nettles decided to pay tribute to the show by setting up a photo shoot with his son Parker depicting a pint-sized version of Matt Murdock in his pre-red costume vigilante outfit. The end results are both unbelievably cute and surprisingly authentic. Sincerely, I'm trying to envision what Matt Murdock would look like shrunk down to the size of child and this is pretty much how my mind's eye paints the picture.

As you can probably imagine based on the stellar job he did, this also isn't Parker's first experience with cosplay. Despite only being three years old he's already taken turns playing parts such as Tony Stark, Link and more. To check out more of John Nettles' work you can visit his Facebook page or head over to DeviantArt.

Source: City Light Cosplay


Too bad there are no shots in the dark, I guess that would be after his bedtime.

This kid shouldn´t be seeing this show, heh.


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