Total War: Warhammer Finally Gets Official Announcement

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Thunderous Cacophony:
OT: I spoke with some other people about it, and the conclusion we came to is that they are going to break up the races into different factions; for example, the Empire by Province, the Dwarfs by Hold, etc. They've said that there's only the 4 playable races, but they imply there's going to be more factions. I hope it pans out well, and they can handle the "different factions working for the same goal" better than they did with the Roman Senate.

I pity whoever tries to play as Stirland with the intent of winning.

"Right, Talabheim sent in a few legions of pikemen, Nuln is lining up a whackton of cannons and Middenland sent an entire cohort of Ulric priests. What's your response, Stirland?"
"We send in our elite guard!"
*six thousand half-naked, starving dirty peasants armed with pots and pitchforks charge the battlefield*
"Oh dear."

After initial joy faded, cynicism came in real quick. CA has confirmed four factions for play-ability. I fully expect those units to have diverse and large unit rosters. I also expect each faction to play very differently. With so few factions available for launch, I don't think I'm asking for the world here with this. Those DLC factions better not be sky-high either. I want my Chaos and Skaven damnit!

Honestly, if they need help they should just look to Mark of Chaos. Which did a lot wrong, but still was a pretty great strategy game. A lot of units and fun gameplay, just a shitty story.


The book he was reading had Tzeentch's star on it.
And yes that was a Lord of change.

However that could mean very little as this was just a cinematic trailer and has no value in determining what the game will be like.

Yeah, cinematic trailers pretty much mean jack sh** for how the actual gameplay's going to be, but since the chaos is very clearly tzeentch focused in the trailer i think it's save to suspect that it will be as well in the game. Since the chaos doesn't seem to be a playable faction on it's own i think it will be something like the rebels in the other total war games. Instead of a "rebellion" meter you have a "corruption" meter, which fills up if you don't have enough churches or inquisitors or whatever in the cities and they may defect to the chaos.
This sounds kinda like how tzeentch may go about conquering the world and with CA's track record and think it's save to say there won't be complex diplomancy or intrigue mechanics.
I don't think i will get this game or any other total war game in the future. They're just way too focused on graphics, spectacle and broad appeal. And Rome 2 was just a giant reminder how many magnitudes better the Paradox Interactive Grand Strategy games truly are.

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