The Original Star Wars Trilogy Gets an Adorable Makeover in Star Wars: Epic Yarns

The Original Star Wars Trilogy Gets an Adorable Makeover in Star Wars: Epic Yarns

Who knew that Darth Vader could be so cute?

In the wake of so much Star Wars: The Force Awakens news, it can be easy to let the magic of the original epics slip away in favor of all things shiny and new. But two brothers have created a new way for fans young and old to experience the original saga. Jack and Holman Wang of Cozy Classics have recreated iconic scenes from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi with handcrafted needle felt figures and landscapes, bringing a new spark of magic back to the native trilogy.

Not only did the brothers create each felt figure by hand (which takes anywhere from 20 to 60 hours a piece), but they've also compiled these classic scenes into three books, each highlighting an original Star Wars film. The goal of these books: to tell the tale of Star Wars in a way that fans of all ages can understand and appreciate. Each book features 12 famous scenes from one of the movies and pairs these scenes with a kid-friendly one word description.

The time, care, and appreciation for authenticity that went into each Cozy Classic is evident, but if you want a deeper dive into the creation of these epic yarns, check out the incredible behind-the-scenes video. You'll learn that these brothers actually did visit one of the original locations for Return of the Jedi and see the other awesome techniques they used to capture the magic of these miniature sagas.

Source: Nerdist


"From the makers of kirbys epic yarn and yoshis epic yarn comes Star Yarn!"

Dang those are really impressive, such details!!

that's pretty awe-inspiring. I wish I had little kids so I could read these stories to them.


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