Ubisoft's Far Cry Team Matching Donations for Nepal Earthquake Relief

Ubisoft's Far Cry Team Matching Donations for Nepal Earthquake Relief

Far Cry team will match donations up to $100,000.

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Nepal was rocked earlier this week by a massive 7.8 earthquake, unfortunately resulting in over 5,000 deaths, according to BBC. With the massive destruction caused by the earthquake and the alarming number of deaths reported, organizations have already begun to construct relief efforts for Nepal. It's no secret that Far Cry 4 is linked heavily with the region and has strong influences and inspiration echoing Nepal. That's why Ubisoft's Far Cry team has announced their support to aid in the relief efforts of the earthquake victims.

As stated on the Canadian Red Cross' website,

"Having spent the last few years working on Far Cry 4, a game heavily inspired by Nepal and its people, it is with heavy hearts that the Far Cry family pulls together to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross, who are mobilizing their traveling hospital team to Kathmandu to offer support and medical assistance.

The Far Cry team will match donations up to the first $100,000. Thanks for your generosity and please, spread the word."

It's heartwarming to see this team giving back to the region responsible for giving Far Cry 4 such life. If you're interested in donating to the Nepal Region Earthquake Fund, you can go here to make your donation. At time of publication, the fund has amassed over $4,500 dollars.

Source: Canadian Red Cross


That's nice. Isn't that nice? It is nice, right? A tragedy for sure for all those victims and survivors. It is good that a company who profited from creating entertainment based on that region is not content to sit back in the comfort of their safe havens, pretending it isn't happening. I can sense there may be some who will be cynical here, but they could choose to do nothing. Plus i'm working on stamping out my own cynicism. Happy happy joy love!

Oh Oh oh Let me donate some monies to a good cause to hide the fact we're a shitty company! -Ubisoft

Oh, what a strange universe we are living now, where Ubisofts PR is better than Valves.....

At the end of the day real money is going to be going to help people who are in an awful situation so I can't see how that's a bad thing. Props to the FarCry dev team I say.

I'm sorry if someone finds this insensitive or something, but I found hilarious that the link to these news about Ubisoft wanting to help Nepal has the portrait of Pagan Min in the home page.

^ - He's at the cover of Far Cry 4, no deeper association meant :)


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