Destiny's PVP is Getting a Huge Overhaul

Destiny's PVP is Getting a Huge Overhaul

Destiny Loot Cave

Battles in Destiny's PVP arenas will soon be more rewarding, and more varied.

When it comes to PVP, Destiny's "Crucible" arenas are not exactly enticing. The game offers far more varied and rewarding PVE scenarios, that its PVP content has fallen to the wayside. Bungie realizes this, and is aiming to completely overhaul the system in the near future.

IGN had the opportunity to sit down with Bungie's Lars Bakken the Crucible Design Lead and Derek Carroll the Senior Crucible Designer who have been hard at work bringing a lot of much sought after improvements to multiplayer.

Firstly, Bungie is doubling the amount of marks and reputation players will earn in any of the Crucible's modes. When you win you'll receive six marks instead of three and twice the amount of experience per match. It is also planning on hugely diversifying the loot pool of the PVP mode, stating "We've doubled that stream period so you're going to see a lot more blues dropping at the end. On top of that we've added purple. I believe there are 12 new legendaries that will drop."

On top of this, Bungie confirmed that players will be able to earn Etheric light - a new item that allows you to upgrade pieces of gear to max level - in the crucible. Bungie explained that you'll receive one from hitting level 3 in Iron Banner, one for hitting level 5 in Iron Banner, as random drops in Trials of Osiris, and as a supplemental drop in Nightfall missions.

In addition to the loot changes, "It'll be less likely that number 1 doesn't get anything," Bungie said, referring to the fact that players who place "first" in a PVP game can sometimes walk away empty-handed.

Source: IGN


The problem with Destiny's PVP is that it is straight PVP. I don't mind PVP as long as the game modes are fun. I would have loved if Bungie had dome what they did with Halo and let players make their own PVP maps. I think that would help the PVP in Destiny greatly.

So, a lack of gameplay variety being 'solved' by simply bribing the players with more loot into grinding the same boring crap? Wow, such insight and great gamedesign!!! Also really fits that "huge overhaul" promised in the article's title!

And the most astonishing thing; this is BUNGIE, damnit! They *defined* console multiplayer for ages with the Halo games....... :O

Steven Bogos:
When it comes to PVP, Destiny's "Crucible" arenas are not exactly enticing. The game offers far more varied and rewarding PVE scenarios, that its PVP content has fallen to the wayside.

Huh, I always thought that the PvP content in Destiny was the only decent part of the game, otherwise, you are stuck with the crappy story, and the strike/raid missions that are just full of boring bullet-sponge bosses.

The individual rivalries, teams of friends helping each other to conquer griefers. These make for better stories than Destiny's finely crafted central tale.

Destiny needs Capture the Flag (because I love that shit) and I'd like to see Exotics banned from Crucible as well. I think taking away the Vex, SUROS, Starfire Protocol and Obsidian Mind would work wonders for balancing.

I'd also like to see potentially something that had teams fight with Fallen (for example) spawning in the maps or something. Something like having to overrun the Fallen and take a base (obviously the opposing team is also battling the Fallen and you to take those same bases).

Also, when is the strategy game coming out when we get to play as one of the four races against each other? That'd be dope.

Article should probably be titled "Destiny's PVP loot system is getting overhauled" since the gameplay itself doesn't seem to be changing much from this article. Still this seems pretty great to me, the PVP is basically solid and a lot of fun most of the time, but the rewards for it are almost always lacking or even infuriating (just last night had a game where of the entire team only the last place person got anything, and it was a legendary engram). Fixing that will probably go a long way towards making it a more rewarding experience.

That said there are still a few minor issues gameplaywise they should probably look into, some maps and items are a bit unbalanced and they should add more multiplayer gametypes, like capture the flag (and while they're at it just make all gametypes always available). The recent Inferno versions of clash and control have been fun additions but its still a bit lacking in diversity. Finally some proper matchmaking would be nice, I only have a few people I play the game with so its not a huge deal for me, but its still rather sad that the game is still lacking what should be an essential feature for multiplayer games in this day and age.

Thats not an overhaul, thats just increasing the rewards.

A real overhaul would diversify and improve the gameplay. Wheres the mention of that?

This story is not complete, the overhaul also includes the new game modes coming in the House of Wolves DLC. This compliments what has already been detailed here.

i don't get bungie. all they had to do was pretty much reskin Halo multiplayer and collect checks. for instance, not having a warthog-like option is ludicrous. the lack of multi-person vehicles is astounding. the overall experience of destiny is just lacking anymore.

I didn't like it because the PvP was entirely different from the rest of the game. In PvE you're fairly durable. In PvP you die instantly, essentially reducing all strategy to whoever clicks first or whoever gets the drop on the other. Last I played the classes weren't' balanced for PvP. Hunters had an I win special move that also had autoaim. They could blade dance into a room for 4 people and kill them all in 4 seconds and it was next to impossible to evade in the small rooms, which was a large percentage of many of the pvp maps.. It required no skill. Just had to have your special ready and you click the button repeatedly.

Not to mention the loading times on console systems being shit that they are. Queuing for PvP over and over was a chore.


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