Oculus Rift Officially Launches In 2016

Oculus Rift Officially Launches In 2016

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift's consumer edition will bring VR to the masses early next year.

The Oculus Rift may not even be out yet, but it's already leaving its mark on gaming. The dev kit edition proved that virtual reality was feasible, inspired competitors to craft their own versions, and prompted Facebook to buy the entire company. Now we finally know when the average gamer can finally try the Rift for themselves - the consumer edition is set to launch in Q1 2016, and is up for pre-order this year.

"This is the consumer VR we've all been waiting for," Oculus said in a statement. "The Rift delivers on the dream with compelling content, a full ecosystem, and fully-integrated hardware/software tech stack designed specifically for virtual reality. It's a headset designed by a team of gamers, game developers, and industry legends to push the limits of what we believe gaming is and what it can be."

According to a press release, the Rift consumer edition adds to the features of the Crescent Bay prototype, complete with improved tracking for anyone sitting or standing. More details about the Rift's hardware will be unveiled in coming weeks, not to mention any unannounced games made-for-VR games.

Waiting another year might seem frustrating, considering the original Oculus dev kit Kickstarter launched in 2012, but it's encouraging to hear that the end is in sight. Will you be pre-ordering an Oculus Rift once the option is available?


I'll probably try it out if it hits a store near me. I don't fancy dropping a few hundred on a 3D device if the same problems that plague me at the cinema, are present with these devices.

I'll need 2 things before I consider a purchase or preorder - solid previews/reviews from multiple sources of the consumer version and a pricepoint. I've never had the headaches or other issues some people seem to have with 3D cinema so I'm anxious to try out the final product. With ME2 also releasing in early 2016, playing it on the Rift would be ideal, if not the killer ap.

To be honest, that is about the best possible time they could have announced its release for, at least for my purposes. I'll have my tax returns about then, so it'd be a good time to drop a few hundred on a new toy. Whether that ends up being the Rift or the Vive(assuming it doesn't fall victim to Valve Time) will mostly depend on reviews and game support.

I might have missed it, but did they address the problems of short/long-sightedness people have?

I wonder about the screen door effect on that one...
While I still maintain the view that VR is currently overrated in its possible application and utilization and is another industry backdrop to things that didn't quite take off in the past, I am curious for certain applications.
I like driving simulations and that one of the genres where this actually could work really well. I could retire my TV as display for my driving wheel setup if it is really good.

I foresee a final production run in 2017.

Not that I don't see it dropping with a bang, but I don't know a single person that watches 3D movies anymore. I give it a year before consumer burnout and apathy sets in.

I've played around with one for projects and such, and it's a pretty neat toy.

That said, I really don't see the appeal of it for mass consumers and for it to have staying power. For medical and teaching purposes I can totally see it being used for that, but not really for consumers. I really don't see it being used for very long, but I could be wrong.

Will I be pre-ordering (or getting at all)? most likely not. I find the whole concept rather silly

Let's hope it doesn't get pushed back more and it leaves more of a mark on games than the Ouya did. There has already been so many other companies diping their hands in the VR pie that someone is likely to screw it up and give the public the perception that real life VR hasn't improved since the days of Lawnmower Man.

I also don't see VR becoming much more than a niche circle in gaming, like nVidia 3D, genre specific peripherals or extended monitor setups. It might get more popular than those, thanks to the the many manufactures and even console makers getting in with their own headsets, but I still predict a 25% adoption rate, at most, among both PC and console gamers if enough games support it properly. I'm gonna have to try out the many offerings and then wait for price drops, before I consider spending anything on one.

Vive Vs. The Rift?

we have to pick a side sometime :)

cant believe ive been following the rift since 2012, now with Vive i dont have to pretend that facebook buying the rift doesnt annoy anymore.


Waiting another year might seem frustrating, considering the original Oculus dev kit Kickstarter launched in 2012, but it's encouraging to hear that the end is in sight.

Yes, it is. Thanks to HTC.

Oculus sort of dragged their feet on this and HTC is going to beat them to the punch. Whether that will have an impact, I can't say, but being the first out of the gates usually helps.

Will you be pre-ordering an Oculus Rift once the option is available?

Depends on which VR consumer model - be it the Rift, the Vive, or the Morpheus - offers the best experience for the best price, and which has the better library of titles available at launch. That, and whether or not Valve's Lighthouse (which is integrated into the Vive) delivers on the promises.

Time will tell. As will whichever offers the better coding and community support environments.

Yeah I think theres a good chance ill be buying something. Whether itll be the Rift is a lot less certain that it seemed a year or two ago when the Rift was the only viable option.

It seems to me that the OR (is that okay?) is going to be releasing into a somewhat limited market. How many people have the kind of hardware to drive two 1080p 60 fps displays? How many of those people want a VR headset? And of that subset how many people are going to hold out for the Vive?

I have two 6850s now, I wonder if that would do it. So many questions.

If I ever see a tech demo for this, I'll most definitely give it a whirl. I doubt that it will have enough applications to warrant a purchase however. Unless it doubles as an Easy Bake Oven, then I could play Euro Truck Simulator and bake muffins.

I might think about getting one if there are many games supporting it.

Preordering it? Not a chance. But after some reviews and hopefully a hands on test this is something I have waited for and will be picking it up 100% if it does what it needs to do and hits the right price point.


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