Starfighter Inc. Brings X-Wing Gameplay To Multiplayer Space Combat

Starfighter Inc. Brings X-Wing Gameplay To Multiplayer Space Combat

Impeller Studios' Starfighter Inc. promises to build on the classic space shooter gameplay of X-Wing and TIE Fighter.

When the developers behind X-Wing and Crysis team-up to form an indie studio, many gamers will sit up and take notice - especially if their first game is a space shooter. Of course that's exactly what Impeller Studios has done, having just debuted Starfighter Inc. on Kickstarter. This space sim to bring hardcore PvP multiplayer to the blackness of space, with a strong focus on tactical simulation and hard sci-fi realism.

Starfighter Inc. is set in the year 2230, where space travel is dominated by corporate interests and PMCs. In an effort to secure their holdings, these companies turn to mercenary pilots who can defend their territories or attack their competitors. Naturally, the players will be these pilots - fighting in single craft, as squadrons of interceptors, or taking multi-seat gunships into battle.

Each Starfighter Inc. player starts out as a lowly mercenary with a loan to pay off for their first ship. Each mission pays credits that go towards your loan, covers repairs, buys new parts, or builds entirely new ships. Each player ship is fully customizable - from the chassis to the paint job - complete with components that are susceptible to damage. If your sensors are taken out by an attack, for example, you'll have to do all your targeting manually.

Of course, this being Kickstarter, the full scope of the game depends on the success of the campaign. An advanced reward tier includes AI Carrier vessels, troop transports, capital ships, and increasing the battlefields to support 32 players. As it stands however, Starfighter Inc. has a solid start towards a $250,000 pledge goal. We'll get the better idea of the finished game's scope when the campaign ends on June 6.

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Stop doing this games industry.

I want to be excited, I want this to be good but most of all I want it finished.
I understand you want funding for a kickstarter but the excitement will peter out and theres every chance you will ruin it some day.

At least promise me you will set goals and stick to them, do not pander to the vocal minority and just make YOUR game.

I really want this to be awesome but space sims are becoming the in thing which often leads people to get lazy and lots of clones to come out. That being said if this is as good as my brain is imagining right now I will be at the front of the metaphorical line buying it.

Sorry lost all my interest at multiplayer...

I'm weak against space sims in general, and hard sci-fi is rare enough in gaming that I can't really help but pledge.

This is exactly what I was hoping for back when they announced they were forming Impeller. I just hope they go the robert space industries path and charge money for ships. My dreams of basically being Han Solo are too expensive. :(

I really just want to fly a spaceship and blow stuff up. That really isn't that hard; especially given the people involved. Here's hoping for a good single player campaign, too.

Backed it. I honestly never played the X-wing games (the Rogue Squadron series was more around my time), but I'm sold on the concept.

I am hoping for a single player campaign, but I wouldn't mind just having a multiplayer starfighter sim.

Sorry lost all my interest at multiplayer...

Same here. If there's one thing I detest more than anything in gaming, it is a good idea wasted on a multiplayer-only game...

Lost me at PMCs to be honest. Can't you think of a better story? Look at Enemy Starfighter for example.

Ah hell, X-Wing and TIE Fighter are now finally on GOG. time for a long, long, long awaited reunion I think.

This space sim to bring hardcore PvP multiplayer

That right there was a golden bullet right between the eyes. I love space combat games, but PvP is of no interest to me. If it hasn't got SP and/or coop then I and many others will have no interest.

Sorry lost all my interest at multiplayer...

Glad I'm not the only one who's interest nose dived at that point.

Lost me at PMCs to be honest. Can't you think of a better story? Look at Enemy Starfighter for example.

Now THAT looks interesting, where can I find more details?

Sounds like they wanted to make a space fighter game, but with Chris Roberts already doing Star Citizen and having a few years head start on development they decided they are better off competing in the online arena sector... which is what Descent Underground is doing anyway and that got started by Wingman, who was also involved with starting up Star Citizen / Squadron 42. Then we have Sublevel Zero coming out this summer that is a rogue like dungeon crawler in the spirit of the original Descent series, a number of titles such as Star Conflict (think world of tanks in space), Fractured Space, and Novus Aeterno. It's a space sim hollapoluza it seems.

I hope it's good. But "Hardcore Competitive Multiplayer" is a turn-off to me. I hope they at least have a single player bot mode.


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