Marvel Releasing "Director's Cuts" of Star Wars and Darth Vader Comics

Marvel Releasing "Director's Cuts" of Star Wars and Darth Vader Comics

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Marvel is releasing expanded editions of the first issues of Star Wars and Darth Vader complete with scripts and art from the making of the comics.

Thus far, Marvel has had some good success with its new line of Star Wars comics. The first issue of Jason Aaron's Star Wars easily broke a million copies sold, while its various spin-off series have also been solid sellers that have helped the publisher rake in new heaps of dough. Understandably looking to further capitalize on its popularity, the company has announced its intention to print new "Director's Cuts" of both Star Wars and Darth Vader issue one.

The new editions of the comics, in addition to the content from the original versions, will include extras such as their orignal scripts and early, previously unpublished artwork taken from their creation. The Director's Cut comics will retail for $5.99, a dollar more than the series' standard price. The two comics will be released to stores beginning next month on Wednesday, June 17th.

What remains to be seen is how comic readers will respond to these. The success of Star Wars issue one is undeniable. It sold like pancakes at a maple syrup fan club convention. That said, with many readers having already purchased multiple issues to snag unique variant covers, we could picture some not being too keen on spending six dollars more even for fancy . Then again, if you were already collecting multiple copies of the comic, there's a chance that a Director's Cut could be right up your alley. What's your impression? Will you be opening your wallet to buy these comics?

Source: Comic Book Resources


Is that the sound of more tie-ins being ground out relentlessly?

I dread to think how bad it will get when episode 7 releases


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