Mad Max Preview - Explosive Vehicle Combat

Mad Max Preview - Explosive Vehicle Combat

Long-standing Mad Max fans can live the post-apocalyptic dream in Avalanche Studio's upcoming open-world, vehicular mayhem simulator.

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Funny thing is, the movie itself was very stylized and didn't feature much blood except for the specific places where it was impactful. Then we have this video game which seems to have none of that.

But who knows? This may be the next Butcher Bay or DLC Asylum.

From what I have seen from other previews it does nothing new except for the racing. I certainly am excited for the racing parts but for the rest to be another copy paste of Assassins Creed and Batman is hard to endure.

But hey, that is what got Shadow of Mordor all the awards last year.

Looks to me like Arkham mixed with a bit of Just Cause. I feel bad though for that poor sucker who has to ride in the back of your car, whoever he is.

Probably not the I76 successor I was hoping for. More's the pity.

I can play another Arkham/Shadow of Mordor if the vehicle stuff is good, if the vehicle stuff is good I might actually be a little bit excited even.


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