Armello's "Game of Thrones With Animals" Digital Board Game Heads To PS4

Armello's "Game of Thrones With Animals" Digital Board Game Heads To PS4

Armello developer League of Geeks will bring its anthropomorphic fantasy game to PlayStation 4, complete with extensive visual upgrades.

How do you describe a game like Armello? As a digital board game that looks like a Catan RPG? As a mash-up of Game of Thrones and Secret of of Nimh? Now that developer League of Geeks has unveiled a new trailer, I'm inclined to go with "absolutely gorgeous", thanks to an aesthetic that effortlessly combines everything epic and charming. What's more, this latest trailer introduces Armello's latest character while announcing the game will also receive a PlayStation 4 release this upcoming September.

Armello is set in an anthropomorphic animal kingdom, where the Mad Lion King suffers a condition called "the Rot". Each player must traverse the procedurally-generated board, completing quests and exploring dungeons, until they can restore balance to the kingdom or slay the Mad King in the name of their animal clan. Gameplay itself combines three specific styles - the randomized tactics of card games, the thoughtful strategy of board games, and the character development of RPGs.

With Armello's PS4 trailer, League of Geeks is taking the opportunity to present its latest visual upgrades. The new system will include overhauled lighting and shaders, volumetric cloud and weather effects, high detail character models, and a complete reworking of the environment itself. These upgrades will also be included in Armello's PC, Mac, and Linux versions. On top of that, the trailer also reveals Armello's latest character - Brun Oathbreaker, the male bear clan hero. The finished game will include eight playable characters, including heroes from the Rat, Rabbit, and Wolf clans.

As it stands, Armello is a fantastic-looking game that should be well worth paying attention to during its Sept 2015 launch. That said, if you can't wait to find out more an Early Access version is available right now on Steam.


Nothing that is 'Game of Thrones with Something' is Game of Thrones with anything.

Does this mean that a Lambister always pays his dept?

Other than that, I'm digging the art style...

This looks cool, colour me intrigued.

Shame it's a PS4 exclusive though but if it hits pc I'm totally checking it out.

Shame it's a PS4 exclusive though but if it hits pc I'm totally checking it out.

Tis on PC:

Early Access though.


Early Access though.

Oh, cheers for that! *adds to his watchlist*

Sucks us PC folk are gonna have to wait a bit, but I suppose gives them more time to fix bugs and optimize for a decent pc port.

It's a very stable game for early access.

I've got 33 hours played of it on steam, each game lasts about an hour, and in online play there's quite a bit of "co-op". I say "co-op" because a) the limited online interactions can be vague ("Truce? Allies? Be careful of Rat?") and b) everyone knows everyone will stab them in the back inevitably. There can be only one winner after all. :D A wonderful, colourful back-stab-a-thon with tiles and cards and strategy.

each game lasts about an hour.

That's a little disappointing to hear, I imagined more "adventure" to take place.

I decided to give this one a try after seeing this here. I've now got almost 60 hours logged and I absolutely adore it. The game is colourful, engaging and perfect if you only have a small window to game. It is a boardgame. Plain and simple. It makes no allusions of grandeur and embraces what it is. If you enjoy boardgames, you'll love Armello.


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