Batman: Arkham Knight Preview - Axis of Evil

Batman: Arkham Knight Preview - Axis of Evil

With five times the explorable area as the previous entry, Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight puts a slew of new tools at your disposal for your crime fighting needs.

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I'm looking at the picture of batman looking badass, yet all I can think about are the cops in the background and how they probably just want to go out and chokehold some black people to death.

I personally can't wait. Now if they could just fix their fucking exclusives. I just kinda gave up on it all and just pre-ordered the Platinum edition.


I wonder what Rocksteady will do when they finish this saga, they kinda came out of nowhere with the first game and floored me completely.

I know they made Urban Chaos: RR back in the day, but that one passed me by without so much as a whisper.

It would be great for example to finally get a good...spiderman game? Or maybe DareDevil? Too samey? I just love superhero stuff :d

Not Buying it, sorry guys you've ruined it with your exclusivity and pre-order BS

If its a good game I'll buy the "Arkham Knight Ultimate Edition" or whatever the heck you come up with, you know the version that contains all the DLC and the pre-order bonuses? Yeah I'll just wait for that thanks very much, I have nothing against RockSteady, I have no doubt that this is Warner Bros forcing them to do this which just makes me sad...

This looks amazing, first game I'm truly psyched for this year.


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