Predator Vs Templars - Check Out This Crusades Inspired Fan-Film

Predator Vs Templars - Check Out This Crusades Inspired Fan-Film

The newly-launched fan film Predator: Dark Ages sends Crusade-era Templars on the deadliest hunt of all.

The Predator films are great fun, but there's not much variety in the settings - they're all about military forces fighting aliens in the jungle, other than one sequel starring Danny Glover. Thankfully fan films can fill in the gap with amazing ideas we'd never otherwise see on the big screen, like pitting a Predator against freaking Templars. That's the premise of Predator: Dark Ages, where a unit freshly returned from the Crusades responds to reports of a "demon" terrorizing the English countryside.

Set at an undisclosed time surrounding on of the European crusades, this 26-minute film follows a Templar Knight who returns home questioning his faith. But before retiring from the order, he's asked to complete a task - kill a beast that terrorized Jerusalem before setting its sights on England. Naturally, the Templars are completely unprepared for the Predator's true nature, prompting the Knight to don his full helmet and armor for one final battle.

The end result admittedly looks like someone wore Predator cosplay to a larping event, but it's impressive to watch all the same. Its production stars several Hollywood actors, including Alien Vs Predator's Adrian Bouchet, and showcases some fantastic cinematography and costume work to boot. Despite its half-hour runtime, it might even be too short - I would've love more time to develop the individual Templar characters. But it's a great watch all the same, and who knows - maybe it'll inspire future Predator filmakers to do equally original concepts.


Hey someone took an interesting spin on a old franchise and made an awesome movie out of is this so hard again Hollywood?

I'm looking at you Poltergeist reboot!

We need more Predator stories taking place in times other than the present and future. Pretty good fan film.

As far as fan films go that was pretty good. I've seen a lot of B-movies taking up space at Blockbuster that weren't as good.

Okay, why haven't anyone thought of that before? The idea alone is freaking genius.

Michael Tabbut:
We need more Predator stories taking place in times other than the present and future. Pretty good fan film.

That's something I've always wanted too: a Predator movie set in more medieval times with castles and knights and stuff. :3

That, or an AvP movie set in the Alien's time-line. Think about it: it could be like Aliens (i.e. staring Colonial Marines)...but with a Predator also running around. You know...kinda like THE GAMES THAT STARTED THE ENTIRE FRICKIN' CONCEPT OF AVP.

All in all this was a very neat little project and glad the guy who made it took the time to do so. I love me some Predator action!

Pretty sure it was Dark Horse Comics that started the entire concept of AVP... just saying.

Oh please. "X vs. Predator" doesn't surprise me any more after this:


Cool video though.

All my yes.
Now, had those been Black Templars then I would have taken all the yes from everyone and given them.

how come fan made movies have more heart than a multimillion movie? basically, any movie were they dont have much money seem to make better movies.
this was really good and would gladly pay money for it too. the acting was solid and what i liked a lot was how filthy the clothing looked.

I liked the fan movie of Predator vs Batman.

That was surprisingly decent. Usually the Achilles heel of fan made stuff is the script but the dialogue was good all things considered. Acting and direction too.

Lower end studio could easily make this into a fully fledged movie. Get Sean Bean to play the lead. He's put his name to worse (see Black Death...actually don't see it)

Not trying to be a math nazi here but 1 league is 3 miles. He states in at best, mid day for them to walk 20 leagues and then meet back at nightfall. So hes telling them to walk 60 miles(96km) and back by nightfall??????????????

I didnt even know what a league was but when he said walk 20 leagues I was like "wtf I'd tell him to get medievally fucked even if it was 20 km"

There were many things I wasn't a fan of, such as the leaps in logic some of the characters came too just to ham in homage dialog.

And at the end there, "What was it?" "Not a demon, something else"

How the FUCK would you come to that conclusion in that time period? As they say, any sufficiently advanced technology would appear as magic. So, if anything... the Predator's exploits would make it appear even MORE mystical.

He'd be crying demon, which might bring the knight back to his faith... since, if demons exist, god must as well.

Impressive cinematography for a fan film... but a shitty script.


Oh... and I'm not sure where they were supposed to be, but if the article is right, and it was England. I don't see England getting hot enough to attract a predator.

How hot does England get? All I ever hear about is how cold and damp the place is.

Is it just me, or did this Predator seem more... Durable, than most? I mean shit, that crossbow bolt all but hit his spine. We saw the other ones catch a few bullets and at least they used a first aid kit. Plus, swords to the gut tend to hurt, no matter how stern of stuff you're made of.


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