Portal Fan Film Shows A Test Subject Interview Gone Wrong

Portal Fan Film Shows A Test Subject Interview Gone Wrong

CK Productions' Portal fan film Corrupted is about poorly conducted test subject interviews and the challenges of escaping Aperture Science.

One of the great things about Portal's story is that it raises all kinds of interesting questions - like where exactly do those test subjects come from? That's something CK Productions attempts to explore with Corrupted, a fan film about about a test subject interview that goes horribly wrong. Along the way, we get a look at some of Aperture's other dysfunctional scientists (it wasn't all Cave Johnson I suppose), watch actors goof around with a Portal device, and get a glimpse of where GlaDOS' personality cores actually come from.

Corrupted focuses on Pete, a young man taking an interview for a job at Aperture Science, if only because his fiance Theresa happens to work there already. But it's clearly not going as he expected, as those ropes tying him to the chair suggest. So when Theresa shows up with a strange gun and says they need to escape, he's willing to follow along and take part in Portal-related hijinks. But of course, that doesn't mean the Aperture Science scientists intend to let them leave, although they may let them think so for a time...

At 15 minutes long Corrupted is a brief Portal themed diversion, but I have to admit there's some solid technical work here - from the custom Portal effects to actually constructing sets to resemble the test chambers wall panels. The fact that it's entirely developed by a team from students from DeSales University makes it all the more impressive, and it's encouraging to see a series whose last game was four years ago is still getting some love.


When was this written? It's really good, but virtually everything about this only works if you completely disregard Portal 2.

P.S. Thanks

P.P.S. Edit: Except for the parts that require it.

Theresa is his finance? Did you mean fiance, you cheeky sentient entity? ;)

Theresa is his finance? Did you mean fiance, you cheeky sentient entity? ;)

True face, thanks. :)

very stiff acting but still very well made. had to chuckle with the ending. now we know where this corrupted core comes from. lol.

Excellent wee film. My only issue was the plaster board markings being left on the walls.


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