Fortnite Hands-On Preview - Holding Down the Fort

Fortnite Hands-On Preview - Holding Down the Fort

A hands-on look at Epic Games' latest, a tower defense game with an emphasis on fort building and Minecraft-esque survival mechanics.

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Jesus Christ I thought this was trapped in development hell, I remember the announcement trailer from the VGAs a few years back. Happy to see the project is alive!

I ran out and signed up for the alpha mere minutes after reading this article. It looks like a very kickass game.

Awesome. Hope the weapon play will be decent though and not just, "Hold the fire button down to kill stuff."

If they can combine great combat with the creative coolness of fort building, this may be a serious GOTY contender.

You had me until free to play, hell, a few developers I game with while alpha testing their game were so tepid about the state of free to play games nowadays and the negative connotation that that carries that they decided to rebuild their game's design around a single purchase.

It could be be built around a good business model but I am not counting on it.

Ahh yes, hold DOWN the fort. Because it's an inflatable hover fort that might float away without our weight! Or perhaps we're holding down the fort so that we can tickle the fort, or give it an injection it's not too keen on receiving-THE PHRASE IS "HOLD THE FORT". Not hold down the fort. Honestly.

Pedantic Bugbear aside, game looks good! Will be curious to see if they put proper thought into an interesting combat system as well as the funky base building.


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