Fan Builds Custom $50,000 Elder Scrolls Basement

Fan Builds Custom $50,000 Elder Scrolls Basement

Comic book artist Tyler Kirkham spent $50,000 transforming his basement into a private piece of Tamriel.

A couple of years ago my wife and I took a few hundred dollars from our tax return and paid a family member to help us finish our basement and turn it into an office space for me. After its completion, I filled it with things that I love and enjoy so that when I head down to work I'm greeted by walls lined with Frank Frazetta art and shelves loaded down with Star Wars ships and Beast Wars toys. It's my own little slice of heaven. Happy as I am without though, I'd be lying if I said I'd never wondered what I could do if I had a bit more money. For instance, what if I had $50,000 to spend?

Presented with that same question, comic book artist Tyler Kirkham transformed his basement into a custom-made tribute to The Elder Scrolls games. "I wanted to do something fun with the basement and I love the fantasy world of these games," explained Kirkham in a recent interview. "When you're in there it just has a very unique feel, it's completely different from the rest of the house." Included in the 1,500 square foot basement is a secret doorway hidden behind a bookshelf, a collection of fantasy armor and weaponry and a $15,000 bathroom complete with ivy-covered stone walls and a waterfall. The basement's stained floors additionally cost $3,000 while its extensive masonry and custom stonework cost more than $8,000. Kirkham used screenshots from the games to help make the basement as accurate to their world as possible.

Despite all the work already finished, Kirkham apparently has plans to expand on the basement even further by adding a wine cellar or children's play room inspired by The Elder Scrolls Online. While he hasn't said how much he'd expect to spend on that, we can only imagine the answer would be somewhere in the neighborhood of "a lot." Take a look at what the current finished product and let us know what you think.

Source: Barcroft


Heh, I first read that as "ivory-covered stone walls." Quite an amusing first impression, but did demand a second look.
Oh dear. Reading the linked source article, it isn't the subtlest of advertisement/product plugging for a recent release now, is it?

A shower and electricity!? For the real experience only candles and torches. And to get the stink off once every month a well and a bucket!

I would hate to be the one cleaning that shower.

I would hate to be the one cleaning that shower.

Well, all it'd take is one decent coat of invisible sealer and it'd be like scrubbing glass. It's what I'd do, and probably what he did, specially with a budget like that.

I'm a bit jealous though, although if I built that level of man cave, I'd probably build something akin to a starship design. Maybe something dead space like. That'd be pretty fun.

Then he played the Witcher 3, and he was forever sad.

Coming Soon: Random person sells his disaster-shattered home as a "Fallout Theme Dwelling" complete with only one standing wall, a rusty destroyed bathtub, and piles of immovable rubble. Makes million from rich nerd who has taken up squatting there with a paint gun yelling like a raider at passing cars.... :)

A pool table, electric hob and flat-screen TV? Someone has broken immersion with too many mods, I fear.

Other than that, freakin' awesome!

Don't really like this one, first off, more Skyrim looking then Elder Scrolls.

Second off, could have just bought a lodge for a similar experience.

That's quite a cost to turn a basement into a wood lodge/bar with viking paraphernalia.

Of course, if I had the money, I'd turn my basement into man cave too.

I want that basement so much.


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