The Night Is Dark And Full Of... Colors? Game of Thrones Coloring Book Arrives Soon

The Night Is Dark And Full Of... Colors? Game of Thrones Coloring Book Arrives Soon

Game of Thrones Jon Snow

George RR Martin is overseeing an official Game of Thrones coloring book, where you can add any color you'd like to the Red Wedding.

Game of Thrones is about many things. The tactical maneuverings of noble families. The return of magic and dragons to a skeptical land. And most importantly - the ability to color within the lines. No, that last one isn't an upcoming theme from The Winds of Winter, but it will be emphasized in the official Game of Thrones coloring book. The finished volume will include 45 iconic images from the popular fantasy series, all of which are supported and overseen by George RR Martin himself.

The news came from publisher Bantam, who recently announced the Game of Thrones coloring book would arrive this fall. While preview images aren't available just yet, the finished volume will include 45 black-and-white images inspired by characters, scenes, and locations from A Song of Ice and Fire. Art will be provided from renowned fantasy illustrators like Yvonne Gilbert, John Howe, Tomislav Tomic, Adam Stower and Levi Pinfold.

Believe it or not, this isn't even the first Game of Thrones coloring book. An unofficial book was published earlier this year that let you "connect the dots to give Jaime Lannister his severed hand back, color Daenerys' baby dragons, lead Tyrion through a maze to get to a brothel, and much more". Since George RR Martin is overseeing this particular edition however, the tone will presumably be closer to his books and not feature the likenesses of HBO characters.

I certainly got a chuckle from the news, even if I personally wish Martin would just finish The Winds of Winter already. Still, it'll be fun to fill in the big white spots past the Wall when it launches this fall.

Source: LA Times, via Time


Its funny. The first thing adults do with kid's coloring books is make everything gory and violent and covered in blood and puss.
But Game of Thrones?! We're gonna have to go full reverse, with ponies and lollipops and cupcakes and Disney Princess and lots and lots of water-balloon fights!

"Crayon is coming."

"A Lannister always stays in the lines."

I wonder, will you get to color the Red Wedding?

Let me guess, you'll spend most of your time coloring one or two pictures that are spread out across several books years apart so you'll be waiting forever to see them completed.

As well as several incomplete pictures to subvert what you expect in a coloring book


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