ADR1FT Preview - Lost in SPAAAACE

ADR1FT Preview - Lost in SPAAAACE

If you had to look away during Gravity, you might want to keep a security blanket handy for ADR1FT.

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Ah, I'd forgotten about this game. I've heard it's physics simulations are amazing, especially it's gravity simulator.

Color me interested. Because who doesn't want to play Gravity?

"Being set in orbit around the planet, the atmosphere (Editor's Note: That's not funny.)"
Dear Editor,
I believe Arnold said it best, YOU LIE
-The Escapist community

Sounds interesting. And Gravity(despite a few physics problems made for pacing and story) was one of the best space drama movies since Apollo 13, so I certainly wouldn't mind playing it.

So... It's gravity, the game?

Sounds quite interesting, actually...

Eh, might be interesting with an Occulus Rift or something. Otherwise, not terribly interested.


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