Battleborn Preview - Gearbox is Back

Battleborn Preview - Gearbox is Back

Gearbox's upcoming Battleborn strikes an impressive balance between variety and accessibility, with some trademark Gearbox humor thrown in for good measure.

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This looks pretty good, but I won't even consider buying it (or any Gearbox game) as long as Randy Pitchford is still there. Not after the stunt he and Gearbox pulled with A:CM.

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Awesome! Can't wait to not buy this!

Well, as long as they don't turn BL3 into an MMO, they can play around with their toys all they like in the meantime.

Something I've wanted to ask from when the first articles about this game started to leak out: Something in the Universe is destroying stars, everyone wants to find out who and why and stop them; why are they spending all their time fighting each other?

I mean, if the answer is, "So we'd have an excuse to throw all these disparate characters who are essentially from wildly different genres together in a box to slug it out," fine, but please don't pretend to have a plot if that's all that it is.

All the stars are going out... being destroyed...

That premise is so stupid... I don't think I even have to remember A:CM to not want to play this.



This guy's the final boss? Did he go on a drinking binge again?

Jesus Christ, some of that character design is not very good. I'm talking mainly about ultra-trucker in the back there, and it also clashes something awful. The mushroom guy is kinda cool though.

In my humble opinion, Gearbox Software's most notable achievement was the progression from Borderlands to Borderlands 2. The original was incredible, and I played way too much of it, but the team at Gearbox stepped it up in virtually every way for the sequel, which I spent at least twice as much time in

And... "humble" opinion entirely discarded.

Borderlands 2 wasn't the worst game to ever be released, but it certainly wasn't an "achievement" unless you think palette swapping is rocket science and frankly Battleborn looks like more of same cell-shaded nonsense.

Regardless, this could be the greatest game ever released and you know what? It'd be a cold day in hell before I give Randy Pitchford any money.

So.. this is kind of like Left4Dead? In that it is single/co-op/group play to complete a mission/objective, where you start off with essentially the same kit (skills instead of different weapons though?) every game and nothing carries over? It's not Deathmatch/CTF/Escort/etc style of TF2 and Overwatch?


If it doesn't have splitscreen, I'm not buying it.

Yes, I may be cracking down on this ever since Halo 5 won't be including it.


If it doesn't have splitscreen, I'm not buying it.

Yes, I may be cracking down on this ever since Halo 5 won't be including it.

I remember a news article somewhere confirming Split-screen, guess Gearbox wanna keep that trend going from Borderlands.

Gearbox is back? Hot damn, now consoles can finally have ports of all the classics!

Yeah, hope this game won't end up being garbage. They fucked up ACM, which (righfully so) can be held against Randy. If this ends up being the same story all over again I'll be done with GBX.


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