All The News From The Xbox E3 2015 Briefing

Show me Halo 5, Gears of War Collection/4, Crackdown, Scalebound and Space Engineers and I'll be happy.

Honestly at this point I would be more suprised if they make it actually intristing or keep from shooting there bloody stump of a foot.

Show me a new IP that's not a shooter.

Don't mention kinect.

They will prob announce tons of occulas rift gemich stuff

I think its a given that MS will be showing Call of Duty.

Im having vauge reccolections about something called Scalebound that we saw last year and havent seen hide nor hair of since.

And i doubt they will have much on Tomb Raider, since Sqeenix have thier own conference to fill out.

They'll probably show off a bit of Tomb Raider considering the kind of money that they had to have spent on acquiring the timed exclusive license.

What I hope they show and by show I always hope for single player gameplay and at least parts of a story related cut scene.
Such a vertical slice usually tells me best if the game might be of interest.

Halo 5 Guardians
Quantum Break
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Gears of War

I'm also pretty sure the Forza Motorsport will be shown but considering all my expensive racing gear only works on PC... the XO can fuck right off.

I'm really excited for the new games coming out like most people, but what I honestly want most is an OS update that makes the One easier to use. At times now it gets a little laggy, and can be a headache to navigate. That and maybe changing how achievements unlock, having them not unlock locally seems to be causing issues for people (myself included), but even if that doesn't happen, I'm still stoked for Halo, Gears, Forza, and probably anything else that gets thrown at me!

All I want to know is whether or not Killer Instinct gets a PC release, and pretty much anything about Scalebound.

Microsofts E3 Reveal: A console that kidney punches you every 15 minutes to make sure that you are still using it, and will occasionally start house fires.

EA's E3: Rubbish, not even worth considering.

Ubisoft's E3: The roadmap for the next 20 or so Assassins Creed games that they have planned, and the many downgrades that they will be applying to each game to make sure they are as user-unfriendly/unusable as possible.

Wow, even as a non-console gamer, backwards compatability is pretty huge for a console.

We'll see how it performs outside of controlled circumstances, but dear lord did the HoloLens look cool.

that.....that was a lot better then I thought was going to be. It wasn't amazing but it seemed like the biggest apology Microsoft could've given for the last years TV press conference

I think its a given that MS will be showing Call of Duty.

And then they didn't. And no Madden or FIFA either. Like, holy crap?

I bet Sony must be sweating after this press conference because boy they announced a lot of amazing things, chief among them of course backwards compatibility. Sony can't stay behind now.

They could've 'won' E3 even if Rare had announced a new Conker's. But y'know what? Sea of Thieves looks awesome and I want it pretty badly. Gather ye maties and hunt for treasure, yarharhar!

But yeah, good stuff overall. I'm slowly thinking about getting an Xbox One some time in the future now. Not to mention that that HoloLens looked amazing.

Microsoft really set their stall out with this one. They targeted fan friendly measures and it's had a positive reception. It's not rocket science, and very frustrating that they've taken this long to get it going again.

Backwards compatability, the ability to download and run mods, it's brilliant stuff for a console. Really might have to think about getting an Xbox One now.

All The News From The Xbox E3 2015 Briefing

Microsoft announced four new IP and Xbox One backwards compatibility.

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No Quantum Break was kind of a downer.
As they said it's for the other shows this year but still.

Rise of the Tomb Raider looks like Tomb Raider and I am okay with that. It's as okay as Uncharted being Uncharted. Some games don't need to redefine or reinvent themselves in every iteration.
If it is decently executed it might suffice. And it looks like it thus far.
In same vein Gears 4 looks like Gears and Halo 5 like Halo and this is also okay.

What I actually appreciated the most was Recore. New stuff. Sadly no gameplay.

The new controller looks awesome but 150 bucks? Hell no.

Forza yea... like I said no fanatec support for CSW1.0 so fuck you MS.


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