Everything We Saw During the Sony E3 Press Conference

I'm actually really excited about the new game from Guerrilla Games apparently called Horizon.
If the leaks are right this might be something for me.
Killzone was decent but never really caught on with me being too generic by mixing Halo with CoD. If they now throw Cyberdinos against Chinese-Japanese-Keltic-Indians that might be batshit crazy enough for them to break free of copying the gameplay of other studios.

Uncharted 4 is probably a safe bet at least in trailer format. And I'm alright with that.

Btw. I'm not sure MS is so much into Oculus. The XO will allow XO games to be streamed to a Windows 10 PC therefore Oculus support is a given as the Oculus Rift can serve as monitor an a PC. I don't think however games will really benefit from it. For example they only say that you will be able to play XO games in a virtual theater. That's rather underwhelming if you think about it.
If Sony shows Morpheus maybe in action it would be nice to have a detailed an honest report on the screen door effect. I mean the Rift apparently needs 4k resolution for it to vanish completely.

I'm pumped for whatever Level-5 is announcing. I have my hopes set on Dark Cloud 3, but barring that, I imagine it'll be a new IP. Anything Dragon Quest related would get announced at Tokyo Game Show or through some other Japanese outlet


Holy crap. It's been released from development hell. Last Guardian, away!

A space game on ps4. I feel like all these companies that are talking about new space games now are hopping onto the band wagon a bit late. Looking more forward to Star Citizen and Descent Underground.

The Last Guardian being released from development hell deserves more applause than anything else in the show.

Someone get Novgorod an ambulance, I think his head exploded.

Firewatch looks good. First person adventure game with a sense of humor! Also, another Final Fantasy game that is actually interesting? That's a first.

... Final Fantasy 7 remake... I'm dead... I'm done... Sony wins E3.


I WAS KIDDING Square, you did NOT just do that! Sorry Nintendo, game over! FF7 remake for the win. We can rap up guys, E3 is over!

Oh and here's Shenmue 3 btw!

WTF just happened?!

Someone get Novgorod an ambulance, I think his head exploded.


"Better late than never" is my running theme this year.

I was hoping they would announce the new ps4 console

I think this was the best Sony E3 press conference in years. They blew everything out of the park.

Last Guardian looks awesome, but it seemed to me that while running, the camera rotation + character control can be a little weird. Looks like it can cause a few stupid deaths :)

Everything We Saw During the Sony E3 Press Conference

Sony brought the house down during their E3 presser.

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Well that Horizon game looks pretty awesome. Who wouldn't want to hunt giant robot dinosaurs? The Last Guardian looks pretty cool too.

I think MS did ever so slightly better this year, but with the three hit combo of the FFVII remake (even if it might not be PS4 exclusive), Shenmue 3 finally happening, and Last Guardian at last getting some air, the respective fans of those franchises would disagree with me.

So The Last Guardian lives. That's okay.
I'm all for new stuff. This is new stuff.
Horizon Zero Dawn another new stuff, I like it. Give me more of that!
I like that both showed gameplay. This is great this is what I want.

And then the downfall. FF7 and Shenmue 3.

Why downfall?

They announced that they are now working on a FF7 remake which basically translates to we started recently on game that given SE recent track records probably needs about 5 to 7 years to be completed.
This thing might not even release on PS4 if I am right. I refuse to get my pants wet over something so far into the future.
Not to mention it is SE... SE can fuck up everything these days.

Shenmue 3 is a disaster and people cheer for it. I don't get it.
You do realize that Sony is in on this project right? There is an actual publisher and you still give them money upfront even though the designer might not have full control over the project.
This is literally what's wrong with crowdfunding these days.
If you have a publisher GET YOUR ASS OFF KICKSTARTER!
People basically paid into another pre-order scheme... fuck you people fuck you and fuck this game.

Uncharted 4 was expected. And it delivered. It's okay.


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