Black Ops 3 Will Get PlayStation 4 Exclusive Access First

Black Ops 3 Will Get PlayStation 4 Exclusive Access First

Call of Duty: Black Ops isn't just showing off its co-op and multiplayer modes, it's rolling out new PlayStation timed exclusives.

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Well that's little bit silly of Sony.

COD has been selling less for 3 years now, I think the cod era is coming to a close. It should have been fighting for this back in mw2 days.

Though, it still is a very popular franchise, still think it outsells most games and it will be a little nice for xbox owners to feel that sting of having to wait.

That was one of the bigger surprises to me this E3, partly due to XBox being the console most go to for online multiplayer. Getting those timed exclusive rights must have been expensive.

I just loved when I saw it because they're doing it on the third installment of Black Ops when Microsoft announced it for the first for the next several CoD games. Microsoft actually had their trump card jacked from under them.

Call of Destiny: Advanced Titanfall.

I feel like Treyarch, Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward don't understand that the core gameplay of Call of Duty just does not mesh well with the gameplay/designs of other shooters. It just doesn't do extreme movement, classes, abilities, weird map features etc. well.

Call of Duty is basically the Counter-Strike of consoles. Its supposed to be simple, basic and pure. It works best and is the most enjoyable when it doesn't have any fluff and is simple and focused.

But keep trying guys. Either you'll make it work, or kill your own series.


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