Hyrule Warriors: Legends Brings New Characters To 3DS

Hyrule Warriors: Legends Brings New Characters To 3DS

Hyrule Warriors: Legends is a Nintendo 3DS reimagining of the Wii U original, complete with new characters from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

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They had me "all DLC and characters". I'm buying this day one without a doubt and forget buying a WiiU now!

Don't have a WiiU, and I don't want one. I might pick this up as an excuse to play my 3DS again. My copy of Xenoblade Chronicles is collecting dust, and I wouldn't mind some motivation to pick it back up.

I have to say, I'm a little upset that the 3DS will get characters not on the WiiU. It's a bit ridiculous when we pay a premium for content and then they give all that the $40 game and then some. You can't even buy a used copy of Hyrule Warriors for less than $50, then you have to spend over $20 to get all the DLC.

But... maybe it'll be worth picking up again. The game is quite incredible. Having it on a mobile platform would be awesome.

So is it only NEW 3DS or also regular 3DS? Getting really confusing here.

Interestingly you can hook it to the Wii U version and have it upload Tetra and The King to the Wii U version. Plus these games have ALWAYS worked on consoles better due to the enemy limitations not being as strict. I remember playing Samurai Warriors Chronicles on the 3DS and it just wasn't the same as on a console.


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