Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer, Gallery, and Release Date

Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer, Gallery, and Release Date

The open-world RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming to the West in time for the holidays.

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Who do I have to bite to get this game earlier?

Beautiful. Definitely one of the best ones from E3

Excellent, back in the saddle of mechs. That's kind of always been the thing I love about the Xeno franchise.

I think this was the only thing that even looked remotely exciting at nintendo e3. Just way too much stuff for the 3ds and it's getting to the point I'm even wondering why I own a Wii U. It's like Nintendo is saying "Just go trade that guy in for store credit and get a new 3ds XL! Look at all the cool games we got for it! Oh yeah, here's a few for Wii U just in case you reeeeeally don't want to get a 3ds... but you know you want to."

I don't know what kind of world Japan is living in, but I'm at work all day, most of the older generation in charge of companies and management frown on gaming peripherals, and I got a nice TV in my room. Why in gods name would I use a portable over the TV?

You know, I'm starting to miss the good old days when we could use that Gameboy adapter with the SNES...

Hoping this one is as good as the first one. Really enjoyed Xenoblade and just having the same mechanics with a new story and settings will do just fine for me!
Just a shame I have to wait 6 more months.

Kinda miffed we still don't have a date for Europe, hope they aren't reconsidering releasing it here...


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