Do a Barrel Roll: Hands-On With a Trio of Nintendo Games

Do a Barrel Roll: Hands-On With a Trio of Nintendo Games

Nintendo's first-party series were prominently displayed at the publisher's E3 2015 booth.

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Meh... I'll still end up buying both Star Fox Zero and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam because they still interest me on a very high degree... Although, seeing how some of their controls did give you some minor problems, I guess it might be something to get more adjusted with over time...

In a related unrelated note, I'm still jelly about Link wearing Zelda's dress... ;p

Ah. Turning into a walker huh? That sounds suspiciously like they've been playing through starfox 2...

I'd need to get myself a 3DS, but then again getting a DS at this moment would be suicidal as the backlog in that case would range all the way from Pokemon Black/White to everything released in the past 4 to 5 years O.o
I don't have the time for that -.- Even if I'd want to. The small amount of time I have for gaming already goes into Splat00n/Smash/MarioKart/various Indie titles from the Eshop. And Nintendo brings out new "big" titles I buy every year so I'm having a proper amount of stuff to play on WiiU. At least StarFox and Xenoblade this year to come and the Zelda next year will be great additions + the stuff I'll just get on a whim when they're on sale, looking at you TropicalFreeze and ShovelKnight!

>can't handle 3 buttons

Filthy casual. Partners in Time had 4 different buttons.

at this point, i can't be arsed to care about the whole "oh they're pandering to the people who will actually buy their product instead of using it as an excuse to justify purchasing a barely improved new generation" and "there's only first party games" when both of those issues are fueled by self fulfilling logic. i think the current offerings we've seen from everybody speak for themselves.


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