Janelle's Favorite Things from E3 2015

Janelle's Favorite Things from E3 2015

Here are Janelle's favorite things from E3 2015.

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Nice! I am hoping that the new Kings Quest is half as good as the originals. I actually replayed Kings Quest 7 recently and was reminded how much character the old games had. I don't know if I am sold on the new King Graham though...

If it wasn't for King's Quest, I would have dismissively denounced this author as a sneaky sly spy fresh out of EA marketing school. But you have avoided the shakey, paranoid finger of accusation for now. Unless...that was your plan all along.
I must tend to the freshly sewn seeds of doubt anyhow. Cheerio!

I really like a new Kings Quest video game, I hope it's as fun and witty as the original series was. Some really good memories there of laughing out loud.

Sorta perplexed about "Mirrors Edge" however! I mean, I really tried to like the first game, but mostly because everyone said I should. However, when I actually got around to playing it I quickly found that pretty much every aspect of it except for the Parkour stuff was really just mediocre. I know everyone likes to gob on Rhianna Prachett's knob, but I did not find her story in this game, or Faith herself, to be very interesting and I didn't think that the corporate dystopia art-direction really helped either. From a creative standpoint I feel like they missed the mark on pretty much every point, not terribly, but in a way that was like "Well, this is ALMOST good." On the ludology side, I would say that the Parkour play itself is the only real stand out and I wonder how much of that is simply because of the lack of 1st person parkour-like titles at the time and to be completely fair the combat system in this game is pretty bad.

Honestly I think they may have a hard time with this title because the "parkour game" landscape has changed a lot since they released the first game.For example, nearly everything they tried to do with Mirrors Edge has already been done way better and more recently by Dying Light and that's probably going to be the benchmark that most people will judge them against. I also feel like this is almost certainly one of the games that you shouldn't trust the press reviews on and wait for Let's Play footage. Some people are going to hate it out of the gate for factors like the overwhelming hype, or because Prachett isn't on it and other people will defend it to the death because they are super fans of the first game or they believe that since faith is a digital representation of a woman that this forgives the game for all other potential faults. It's kinda shitty that I can almost predict exactly what everyone's reaction will be without actually seeing the game, but that's the state that "Games Journalism" has left us in these days.

That's a pretty good list. Admittedly I'm excited about Mirror's edge although I'm not sure why people are bending over backwards not to call it a prequel. It's a prequel...


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