Joshua's Favorite Games From E3 2015

Joshua's Favorite Games From E3 2015

E3 2015 is in the books, and here are some of the titles that have really stuck with me after the show.

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I am with you with Horizon Zero Dawn.

I like remakes and sequels as much as the next man, but there is something about something new that makes me skwee inside.

Due to shoddy internet I haven't been able to watch the Horizon trailer yet, but first impressions of the screenshots are that it is Enslaved: Odessey to the West meets Monster Hunter and Crysis... and that is A-OK with me! :D

Fallout 4 and Star Wars? Well, they are pretty much a given! :P I just hope they don't carry the hype train too much. I hate it when an awesome big game like that is released, I enjoy it, rush to the forums to share my experience with like minded people and have to trawl through pages and pages of people slating it (for usually essentially no reason) because they expected too much. That's not a problem with the game... that's a problem with the person moaning!

Finally someone appreciating one of the few high budget new IPs! Bravo!

What I dont get about Horizon Zero Dawn is why they recorded the dialog after the gameplay. It was more stupid then how Ubisoft shows their multiplayer gameplay.


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