Pokemon Shuffle is Coming to Mobile

Pokemon Shuffle is Coming to Mobile

Everyone's favorite Pokemon-themed match-3 is coming to a smartphone near you.

Pokemon Shuffle, that Pokemon-themed match-3 that was released as a free download for 3DS earlier in the year, is now making its way to smartphones. Just like the 3DS version, it will be a completely free download and will come to both the Apple app store and the Google play store.

"Pokemon Shuffle Mobile tasks players with matching 3 or more Pokemon to deal damage and whittle down opponents. Players must use their puzzle-solving skills and even Mega-Evolved Pokemon to battle through stages of varying difficulty," wrote a rep from The Pokemon Company in a press release.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile seems to be fairly indicative of Nintendo's new mobile focus, and the game's wild success on the 3DS compared with the massive popularity of other match-3's such as Puzzles and Dragons makes this one a no-brainier.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile will launch "later this year," though no solid release date was given.


Oh cool, nintendo found another money printer.

(on topic) it's a shame this was the free to play game they chose to port over considering how skeezy it's business model is compared to their other ftp games, which in my opinion are for the most part very respectful of their users time and money.

Another match 3 game? We already have a ton of those on Android. When I heard Nintendo was going to release games for Android I was hoping to see something like re-releases of their classic games, or a new Pokemon game (an actual Pokemon game, not a Pokemon-themed game).

I wondered why they didn't have released it as a mobile game. It's as close as a smartphone F2P game as it can get.

This could be related to china recently lifting the ban on consoles, phone games are pretty popular in southeast Asia so maybe they're trying to establish a presence on their newfound market.


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