A Killer Deal On A Harmless Flying Robot

A Killer Deal On A Harmless Flying Robot

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Get the world's smallest quadcopter for 41% off.

It's a bird...it's a plane...it's the world's smallest quadcopter! And right now, it's 41% off at The Escapist Deals.

The tiny SKEYE Nano drone may be small enough to fit on your thumb, but it's big on tricks-flips, turns, figure-eights, barrel rolls...you name it. Meanwhile, six-axis stabilization and super responsive controls keep flight steady in between stunts. You'll get up to eights minutes of flight time from each 30-minute charge.

New to drones? Choose the beginner flight mode to learn the ropes before moving on to advanced pilot or seasoned veteran modes.

Get some air with the SKEYE Nano drone for $34.99 at The Escapist Deals.


US Only...


Any chance you could add that to the article posts for expectation management?

EDIT: Nevermind... Just realised the one in the link was US only... but there was a second one for international shipping! :D

This seems to be the same as the Cheerson CX-10, which at first glance on Amazon is $10 cheaper.

Escapist Weekly Deals:
Get the world's smallest quadcopter for 41% off.

It's 29% off.

Neat, but I need big-boy robots. This is a gift for someone's birthday and none of 'em I know of are coming up.

You can get the Cheerson CX-10 for 18$ with prime on amazon. As far as I can tell it's identical.

I'm going to inevitably need to pilot these as a camera guy huh? Maybe buying a tiny model to practice with would be a good investment for the future. I don't really want to though but failure to evolve could kill my career. <.<


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