Beyond Unreal - Check Out These Insane Unreal Engine 4 Scenes

Beyond Unreal - Check Out These Insane Unreal Engine 4 Scenes


This forum user is making some very real Unreal Engine 4 environments.

Unreal Engine 4 is an extremely popular current generation game engine that utilizes some of the latest graphics rendering techniques available today, and is to be used in dozens of upcoming titles. It is also being used by quite a few hobbyists.

User Koola on the forums for Unreal Engine 4 has been posting some of his custom work using the engine, and the images certainly emphasize the "unreal" in Unreal Engine 4.

In addition to the images, Koola uploads videos showing light, reflections, and characters navigating the environment. These scenes are just as impressive in motion. Take a look!

While there's certainly hope that games one day could look this, well, unreal, remember that these scenes don't include any massive environments, fights, or explosions to tax the machine. But it's nice to dream.

For more from Koola, you can check out his Flickr page here.


It looks like Unreal just got...real.


Funny you should say that in the title. XP BeyondUnreal is actually (mainly) an Unreal Tournament fan site I'm a part of. It's quiet over there now but we also host one of the forums that Epic checks for ideas as well.

:o sweet

Looks so much better than Frostbite. Plus there's the added advantage of not having to go through EA.

In those videos, nothing happens. How about you test it with Action-Shots.
Slow moving cameras shouldnt impress you.

Video A: Water isnt moving at all. Its only a ripple effect on a flat surface. Nothing to see here.

Video B: The concrete background isnt a stylistic Choice. It's used to limit the number of objects on screen. That way there isn't an entire Forest to render and certainly no horizon/skybox (video A has a horizon, because a featureless flat ocean isn't taxing on the system)

Video C: The lighting on the Body makes me think, the Robot wasn't rendered in the same environment.
Also: Repeated mirrored and scaled rocks all over the place.
Also also: The flowing lava backdrop/skybox/whatever-effect is glitching out. Could be a cheap-Green-Screen after-effect. At least thats what it would look like irl. Wich leads me to the conclusion that they used a single lightsource and pasted that lava in. Colortemperature on the reflections from the body may be additional indicators and explain my first thoughts.

My problem with this demonstrations is they are not an accurate representation of what we would see in a typical game without any other action aside from a background.

Adam Jensen:
It looks like Unreal just got...real.


The mental image of Adam Jensen doing the CSI guy thing is hilarious.

OT, damn that looks awesome. No way could play a game at that level for a while to come though.


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