Alien Versus Predator Bursting Out Soon

Alien Versus Predator Bursting Out Soon


2010 will see the release of a new Alien Versus Predator game. Why is this likely to be good news? Because Rebellion also built the 1994 Jaguar release and the 1999 PC/Mac version.

The Jaguar may have been doomed since its infancy, but there was one shining light in its library: Alien vs. Predator. PC owners had to wait another 5 years for their own AVP title, but it was worth every minute.

Wednesday, Sega announced a new AVP game as part of the publisher's agreement with 20th Century Fox, while hinting at release changes for previously-announced Alien games, saying: "With the opportunity to publish what promises to be a landmark game, Sega has strategically updated the release of the other upcoming Aliens titles currently in development within its portfolio."

Rebellion's AvP title will be first to hit the shelves, but we can also expect to hear from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game by Gearbox Software and an Alien RPG by Obsidian Entertainment.

Source: Edge Online


Fingers crossed it'll be like AvP2 the game, not the film.

I just hope you can play as all three races like AvP2. Added alot of variety to the gameplay. As the humans, I always kept my ass to the wall so the radar could actually work.

For all we know it could be another AvP side-scrolling beat em up game. But if it's an FPS, like the PC AvP and AvP2 were...all I can say is that it might be inappropriate for me to stand up right now...

oh, god no!!!

Sega does do some things well. I hope this is one of those.

I never finished AvP2 for the PC though, but that shouldn't stop me from playing this.

Having talked to someone at Rebellion, let's just say I have great faith in them.

An Alien RPG? Interesting.

Though IMHO the best Aliens game ever was "Aliens" for arcade machines, and "Alien vs Predator" arcade a close second. The arcade titles shitkicked the console ones in overall enjoyability (and quarter-eating).

If Rebellion is responsible for making the new one it could be good news... the 1999 version was pretty cool. I just wish I knew how to open doors with the human marines.

No opinion about the Alien RPG... doesn't sound great - but it might be something new.

lol lol lol no, it will be hitting all of OUR screens, the Auzzie and the Kraut goverments have banned them!!!

lol lol lol lol lol

"well at last the rich white man is in charge... exxcellent..."


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