n++ Releases to PS4 July 28

n++ Releases to PS4 July 28

Go ninja, go ninja, go

Metanet Software has confirmed a release date for n++, the third and final chapter in their series of puzzle platformers. The game will launch on PlayStation 4 July 28.

In n++, players will guide a deft ninja with a hunger for gold through 2,360 stages of running, jumping, and sliding. At one level a day, it would take you more than six years to play them all.

Should that not be enough content, a level editor has also been included, allowing players to craft whatever insidious stage designs they wish and share them with the world. Leaderboards and replays will be available for all stages, including those built with the editor.

The original n released in 2005 as a freeware game on PC, featuring 500 levels. The follow-up, n+, introduced multiplayer gameplay and brought the game to Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo DS consoles.

Source: PlayStation Blog


Because some people are just gluttons for punishment.


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