Watch: Sea Slugs, the Little Fluffy Bunnies of the Ocean

Watch: Sea Slugs, the Little Fluffy Bunnies of the Ocean

Check out a video and gallery below of Jorunna - a sea slug genus with big floppy ears, a fluffy tail, and a brightly colored body.

Images of the adorable Jorunna sea slug are making the rounds today. Though the little creature is not a new discovery, it is hard not to see why photos of them are so popular: they are basically sea bunnies.

In parts of Asia, especially Japan, they are kept as pets, while they are all but unknown in most of Europe and America.

Those big floppy ears on their heads? Actually rhinophores - basically, a pair of noses specialized for chemical detection under the sea. Somehow, knowing they have a pair of big floppy noses on their heads makes them even more cuddly.

Oh my goodness.

So what do you guys think? Does Adorabilis have competition? Are going to make these two fight it out, in a vicious one-on-one tickle fight?

Source: BoingBoing

Gallery Credits, in order:, Crawl Ray, SunsetLog, Sylke Rohrlach
, ダイブストアエグザイル, Steve Childs,


So when do we get to start harvesting them for Adam so that we can all gain super powers and eventually turn into homicidal maniacs? :3

Eh, i prefer cats. Slugs dont make cute noises.

They won't fight it out, we'll crossbreed them to produce Jorunna-Adoribilisi (Adorabilises?), now equipped with fluffy tails and bunny earnoses to go with their first pair of ears.

As nothing will be willing to hunt something that cute, these Tribbles will breed out of control and eat everything. Who knew the apocalypse could be so adorable?

That would be the cutest fight I'll ever see... and I really will not know which side to root for throughout...

Other than that, I really want to pet a Jorunna now...

Kinda wish that the video used had some kind of background music to cover up the tank sounds. As it stands, I couldn't shake the feeling that the sea slug was on some kind of life support.


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