Watch: Pokemon Gets Unreal In Unreal Engine 4

Watch: Pokemon Gets Unreal In Unreal Engine 4

YouTuber CryZENx gives Pokemon an Unreal Engine 4 makeover in this new video.

It seems like all the video game greats are getting fan made Unreal Engine 4 makeovers. In the newest video, YouTuber CryZENx shares a reimagined Pokemon. You can tell from Charmander's super happy face that he's loving his new pad.

The setting used was Unreal Engine 4's Kite Demo, which CryZENx also used as the backdrop for the Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and The Legend of Zelda videos (below). While it's clear that this is a tech demo, which is designed to see if ideas will work at all, it's fun nonetheless to see your favorite characters in a new setting. Personal opinion: The Legend of Zelda is the best, even if it does combine the Great Deku Tree and the Majora's Mask moon in the same scene.

Unreal Engine 4 is free to use, giving amateur developers and YouTube hobbyists access to professional game creation tools.


Gonna be honest, I still prefer the stylistic cel-shaded, black outlines in the recent games than this realistic look of pokemon...

Link's walk cycle in that last video looks all kinds of stupid.

Honestly, the only one of these that I find especially impressive is the Mario one, because they recreated Mario's physics accurately with in-engine scripting. Just tossing characters into a prefab world is super easy in almost any engine, and frankly not very noteworthy.

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All their rigs need some improvement, but I get that this is a visual test. Agree with above the mario one is the most worked on clearly, the rest are the models with approximate movement scripts or ripped and imported from other games.

...See this alot, dunno why it needs an article unless they're doing something creative with it.

They look cute and all, but all I can think is "Charmander! Tactical reload! Teabag!"

That reminds me of a Charmander stuffed toy I had long ago.

The realistic style of the environment really doesn't suit the cartoonish style of the pokemon.

Looks pretty and all, but it isnt really what I expected when I saw "Pokemon Gets Unreal in Unreal Engine 4". It is more like they just threw the pokemon models into an Unreal 4 open world asset, and then called it a day. Props to the guy who makes an UE4 world that actually suits the artstyle of the pokemon, though.

I do long for a Pokemon game where I can directly control Pokemon in a similar fashion to the video show above. That's not to say I am tired of the turn based gameplay, I still love that.

Though I agree with other posters that I think the stylized look of Pokemon is the way to go. Even Pokken still has the Pokemon style, despite looking a bit more realistic.


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