The Banner Saga to Receive "Miniatures Board Game" Adaptation

The Banner Saga to Receive "Miniatures Board Game" Adaptation

Banner Saga Warband

The Banner Saga: Warbands will be a "miniatures board game" inspired by the indie RPG and funded through Kickstarter.

Born from the imagination of ex-BioWare staffers, The Banner Saga is easily one of the more special games to come out of Kickstarter. Following desperate souls in a Viking inspired world trying to escape an apocalypse, the game packed in hard choices and emotional punch with fun and challenging gameplay. The follow-up chapters to the first game are still in the works, but its developers have now revealed that fans might soon have a new way to get their Banner Saga fix.

According an announcement from the studio this morning, Stoic will be teaming up with board game makers MegaCon Games to produce a new miniatures board game based on the acclaimed RPG. Dubbed The Banner Saga: Warbands, the new title is apparently already in production with a Kickstarter planned for the near future to help with funding. Little else has been revealed about the game but gamers hoping to get in on it will be able to sign an interest list at MegaCon's GenCon booth (number 1449) in Indianapolis this coming weekend.

Speaking as someone who thoroughly enjoyed The Banner Saga, Stoic and MegaCon have definitely piqued my interest with this announcement. Granted, neither party has offered any really substantial details about what the game will actually be. That said, the world and mechanics of The Banner Saga could easily provide strong fodder for an interesting tabletop experience and I'm eager to see what they come up with.


Wow, that sounds awesome.

I love the Banner Saga and can't wait for the sequels, but a boardgame version would be awesome to share with some mates. Now I have to wait for it to actually be made. Hype is sad now :(.

I will keep my eye on this. Megacon games has a pretty poor record of delivering kickstarted content. Just head over to and look at the problems (from a customer standpoint) their campaigns have. Years late and little communication with backers after they collect money has backers upset. Just look through the comments of their kickstarted projects.

Something to consider when backing another kickstarter from a company that is great at taking pledges, but not so great at delivering content to their backers.

I wish them luck, but this potential buyer will pass based on experiences with Myth and Recon.


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