Halo Wars 2 Officially Announced For Xbox One, Windows 10

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And what about Windows 7? Are they seriously only going to make this work on Windows 10?

Of course. If you haven't noticed Windows 7 seems to be the last OS people (especially gamers) widely liked. Everything after that has required Microsoft to lock new stuff to the latest OS so people are forced to upgrade.

OT: Well, I enjoyed the first one despite it's shortcomings but this trailer was very underwhelming. It looked like a generic sci-fi film trailer, no way to tell what it's about. You leave with more questions than before since it gives so little info (is it even a continuation of the first game's story?) Hell, you can't even figure out what genre the game is.

RTS should never be on consoles, period. The clunkiness and lack of precision to do multiple things fast are things that the PS4 (even with the limited mouse/keyboard peripheral) and XB1 simply cannot do.

This assumes that all RTS experiences must revolve around the effective management of many complex elements, an assumption that I believe has been holding back the RTS genre.

Funnily enough, this makes me more worried about Windows 10 than any game. If they're trying to strong arm the OS like this, that suggests to me that 10 is a piece of shit (note, I know nothing about 10 beyond 'it exists' at this point). This reminds me of when they made Halo 2 a Vista exclusive, and we all know how well Vista went down. Funnily enough I don't recall them pulling any tricks like this for Windows 7, maybe because that OS could stand on its own merits.

I have actually been hearing really good things about windows 10. I intend to test it out myself when it is released because it is essentially free. And strictly speaking, in most technical respects Windows 8 was a big improvement to windows 7, it was just the UI that was bad. From what I hear the 10 UI is really good.

In any case, the decision to not release Direct X 12 on windows 7 is not unusual, and the spin that it is an attempt to force gamers to update is unlikely in my opinion. More likely it has new features that are not easily ported back to 7 and they are trying to entice developers by a powerful, modern and easy to use library. You don't need to force anyone to upgrade if they want to, and if developers start making games for DX 12 because it is just better gamers will move to windows 10, especially with it being effectively free.

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