Wallet Battery With Smartphone Charger for 50% Off

Wallet Battery With Smartphone Charger for 50% Off

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There's no doubt about it-a portable battery pack is an awesome device to have when traveling and commuting... as long as you remember to bring it. The LithiumCard Wallet Battery ensures you always have backup power on hand-because it fits neatly into your wallet. Get the LithiumCard smartphone charger or the LithiumCard with Micro USB charger for $29.99 each at the Escapist Deals.

The smartphone charger uses a Lightning connector to power your devices at up to 1% battery life per minute, and you can even charge the LithiumCard and your smartphone simultaneously. The micro USB version does the same for compatible devices like digital cameras and GPS devices. Whichever you choose, both take up no more room in your wallet than five credit cards, so you never have to find yourself on the go and hunting for an outlet.

Don't miss your chance to get the LithiumCard smartphone charger or the LithiumCard with Micro USB charger, both $29.99, at the Escapist Deals.


Given the size of the thing, I could see it being useful for emergencies. I mean, it won't come CLOSE to fully charging my phone, but it's easier to keep on hand than a full power bank.

This is only 1200mA. I just bought a 5000mA charger, just a bit larger than a lighter, for $17 including shipping. Sure the size makes it more convenient but what would this charge besides an e-cig or pocket flashlight?

It's almost half the capacity of my Nexus 5's battery, but I usually only occasionally need and extra hour or two so this should be very convenient. I have a large battery bracelet but I never remember to put the thing in my back pack.

I already carry around a 2200 mAh battery pack which is enough for a full charge of my iPhone 6 and is about the same size as a pack of butter menthols. If you can pick up a decent one for a decent price then as long as you remember to put it in your bag (Which is the appeal of this one as you can put it in your wallet/purse) then you will never run out of battery while you are out for a day again.


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