Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Wants Gamers to be the "Center of our Decisions"

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Gamers the center of Xbox 1? Never gonna happen.

MSFT has never cared about anything except DRM, busted licensing system and Central American Summer Heroes, just make the check out to CASH. To make a change from the addled mess they promoted upon launch they would need to give the entire division to a good company, not one that violates the law, routinely steals IP from other companies and sees little to no reason to stop strong arming Android manufacturers from making their MSFT tax on poor patents.

Dropped Xbox Live account, blocked their ad network and mostly play with the network cable disconnected on my Xbox 360. Nothing MSFT has done or said has changed my mind. This merely being the latest lie. He might think he can make it happen. MSFT will correct him soon enough.

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