Sony Soliciting Users to Beta Test Next Major PS4 Software Revision

Sony Soliciting Users to Beta Test Next Major PS4 Software Revision

PS4 firmware beta

Step right up, get your waivers here.

The next big update to the PlayStation 4 firmware seems to be looming and is likely to be more significant than your usual security patch. Sony has put out the call looking for PS4 users to participate in a preview beta of an upcoming revision.

Interested parties can follow this link, blindly accept the agreement which absolves Sony of any unforeseen tragedies, and sign up for a chance to be selected as one of the special few who will get to see a short distance into the future and give feedback, maybe even answer a survey about the experience.

Users who are selected to participate in the beta test will either get to experience a land of wonder and mystery beyond human imagining or (and this is more likely) fiddle around with some as yet unannounced features. If they don't like them, the option to roll back to the previous firmware version will be available.

The beta is expected to start in early September.

Source: PlayStation Blog


Haha! Yeah, I thought about it last time. But if there is any chance of P.T. being deleted from my HDD, I won't take it. Too many unknowns. Maybe if Konami were not Konami...

Test out software that could brick my system and leave me with out my 500 dollar gaming console investment which sony won't replace? I don't think so.


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