Corpse of Discovery Asks What You're Willing to Give Up to Succeed

Corpse of Discovery Asks What You're Willing to Give Up to Succeed

Phosphor Game Studio's Corpse of Discovery has you weighing risk versus reward.

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The message I'm getting here is that traveling to outer-space isn't enough to liberate one from the wife's omnipresent nags. Genre must be horror.

The message I'm getting here is that traveling to outer-space isn't enough to liberate one from the wife's omnipresent nags. Genre must be horror.

More on topic, hopefully they won't be too invested in the whole "[examining] the inner workings of the choices we make" and really make sure they have a functional, and ultimately enjoyable experience with the game. Seems like it would be far too easy to get lost in the symbolism aspect and overlook crucial mechanical necessities.

I appreciate what they're going for, they seem to have a good vision. Personally I haven't seen very many games that can truly elicit emotional reactions and thoughts with depth, and I certainly hope they can succeed in that while not resorting to tear-jerking or emotional sucker punches.

Even if this turns out to be some kind of Interstellar: The Game, I can't say I'd be disappointed as I really enjoyed that movie and if this game can deliver that sort of experience while also being a solid game, I'd definitely put my money towards that.

So my non-existent wife is nagging me to come home to my non-existent children or I can not risk anything traveling in space, doing mindless chores.

Yup, sounds like a real nail-biter to me!

They better make me WANT to care about my digital family else I'm just going to tell that woman to stop pestering me with her damn problems. That or send her an endless parade of selfies against cosmic backdrops with "WISH YOU WERE HERE" until she files for a divorce that I won't know about until long after she's dead because lol space travel time.

EDIT: Checked the steam reviews. Mixed. A lot of negative reviews pointing out the game is very short and poorly optimized, the graphic quality is nice but it doesn't do much with the environment, and the story has a good idea that falls flat. The positive reviews call it "deep and meaningful" unironically. I can see where this is going.

Speaking as someone with a very bad work-life balance...I'll never play this because I'm too busy working. XD

Sounds like a vanity project from the dev to be honest. It's like when that guy or lady cannot stop talking about their kids. I'm sure they love them dearly, it's not like it hasn't been genetically engrained within almost all of us, so we don't need any convincing. Except in this case, we are stuck with them reminding us all through the game. A little arrogant, surely? I guess it could've been worse if they plastered real photos inside the helmet of them.
Am not sure yet if i would appreciate his family telling me how much they missed me and I shouldn't have gone. It would feel a little bit weird. Especially as I have my own to worry about.
"What's that? I made a mistake here? You don't want me to do this? Fine. I'll turn this off and we'll never have to worry about it again!"

It's early, sorry. But still, it feels a wee bit, in the words of Yahtzee, "masturbatory."
Perhaps I would've been a lot more accepting, if I was unaware of these knowledges.

Edit: ooh in retrospect, this looks a bit like a bitter rant. Nothing (much) to be bitter about, so not sure why it came out like that. hah!

Saw Jim play this on youtube. The planets shown looked great but the game was mostly just walking to the next waypoint. Sometimes its an animal to scan, others its something stupid like a teacup. There are aspects about your family talking via hologram. But I found it boring as you dont seem that connected to your family.

So is there actual meaning to the dilemma? Like, can you do a shit job and cut corners to get home faster but get a shittier retirement? Or is this a forced dilemma that's only there to make you feel bad, like so many other games that have ludonarrative dissonance?

Having only watched the trailer I'm getting a very Moon-esq viibe from this


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