Rising Thunder Aims to be the Best Fighting Game for Everyone

Rising Thunder Aims to be the Best Fighting Game for Everyone

Rising Thunder is the hardcore fighting game that you don't have to be hardcore to master.

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Seth Killian did not leave Capcom to work on Rising Thunder, He left to work at Sony Santa Monica where he made Playstation All Stars Battle Royale first. after that game didn't do very well he dropped out of the industry for a bit before joining the Rising Thunder team

also, the game DOES have elaborate combos


All they have done is remove one level of execution by taking away motions. Combos are still very much a thing

I wont lie, game does get you into the fighting game mindset pretty fast, and combos are simplified in terms of pulling off, where your only thing to take into consideration is timing and spacing instead of worrying about botching an input and dropping it. My only gripe is that whilst being a PC fighting game that aims to be built around online play, the online is still pretty laggy as hell. I get smoother matches in USFIV and Skullgirls, which is saying something cause I know it runs on GGPO like Skullgirls, but in Skullgirls a match pinging at 300 is still pretty smooth bar a few animation hiccups but its smooth and fast. Rising Thunder at anything higher than 200 is slow... no stuttering or anything just slooooow and I feel they gotta work on that... I hope that's taking higher priority than say the character variants cause I need that smooth net play, South African FGC is barely existent online and I love Rising Thunder so far.. I just need my fix to be smoother dammit!

But yeah great game, can't wait to see where it goes.


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